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Flag that survived the war

2017.07.17 Передача прапора

The flag, which Kyiv Polytechnic associates, who have been at war, and have brought it through fire and battles, was presented as a gift for the university.

Flag of NTUU "KPI"

Прапор КПІ

Flag of National technical university of Ukraine "The Kiev polytechnic institute" - sapphire color (#082567). In the center the schematic image of the coat of arms of KPI on a white background with gold lines. On the left side from figure 18 coat of arms with right - 98 (1898 - year of establishment of the Kiev polytechnic institute - KPI) gold / yellow color.

The history of the formation and adoption of the state flag of Ukraine. To the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence

Україна. Державний прапор.

Flag as a symbol, first as a means of signaling, originated in ancient times. It was first used in Europe and spread to the Ukrainian lands in the Middle Ages. A piece of cloth attached to the spear, pointing to the place of gathering of warriors most often was considered as a flag.


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