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Agreement with State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA”

2018.06.25 укладення угоди про стратегічне партнерство між КПІ та «Завод 410 ЦА»

On June, 25, Igor Sikorsky KPI and the State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA” and Corporation “Science Park” Kyivska Polytechnica” signed an agreement on strategic partnership.

Agreement on cooperation with the “C P I – Kyiv” company

2018.06.12 підписано угоду про співпрацю компанії «Сі Пі Ай-Київ» і КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського

On June, 12, an agreement on cooperation between the company “CPI-Kyiv” and the Igor Sikorsky KPI was signed.

Cooperation memorandum with «ТIENS» corporation and «Tianyuan» university

2018.05.31 Меморандум про співпрацю з корпорацією «ТIENS» та університетом «Тяньюань»

On May, 31 the KPI was visited by a well-known Chinese businessman and philanthropist, chairman of the board of Tiens Corporation and founder of the Tianyuan University Li Jinhuan.

TEF researchers cooperate with the metallurgic giant

metallurgical giants “MMP Ilyich”

The Kiev Polytechnic has still preserved scientific schools that are capable of creating technologies that are competitive on the global market.

Open lecture of the representative of the LLC “Kostal Ukraine”

2018.03.29 Open lecture of the representative of the LLC “Kostal Ukraine”

On March 29, 2018, at the Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering, CEF of the Igor Sikorsky KPI held an open lecture in English on the topic “Design of plastic products”.

The laboratory of automatic systems of monitoring and managing was launched at IEE

2018.03.06 Інформаційно-діагностичний комплекс Регіна

The opening and presentation of the new educational-scientific laboratory of automated monitoring and managing systems for power supply systems was held on March 6.

Lecture about modern aircraft engineering technologies

2018.03.29 Лекція про сучасні технології в авіабудуванні

On March, 29, deputy chief engineer at the Design Center “Boeing” Oleksandr Borodkin read a lecture “Modern Civil Aviation Techniques: New Challenges” for Kyiv Polytechnicians.

In order to implement a new standard of energy management

2018.03.13 Sergiy Denisuk

On March 13, 2018, the National Atomic Energy Generating Company Energoatom, the State Agency for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management, Igor Sikorsky KPI and the public organization “The High Council of Energy Drivers and Energy Managers” have

Visit of top managers of the corporation "Boeing" and the group of companies "Progresstech"

2018.03.15 Візит топ-менеджерів корпорації  «Boeing» та групи компаній «Прогресстех»

On March 15 Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was visited by the delegation of top managers of the corporation "Boeing" and the group of companies "Progresstech".

Level of graduates’ employment – the marker of university’s success

Зустріч випускників і студентів з представниками EPAM Systems

For each student and even more – for a graduate the search for working possibilities, where you can apply the acquired skills, is of a vital importance.



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