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The Scientific and Technical Library named after G.I. Denysenko

Campus. Scientific and Technical Library

Director: Bruy Oksana M.
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Library address :37, pr.Peremogy, Kyiv, 03056.
Tel. / Fax , ( 044) 236-30-72
E-mail: direction[at]

Visit of top-managers of "Boeing" Corporation and companies group "Progresstech"

2017.03.15 Візит топ-менеджерів корпорації «Boeing» та групи компаній «Прогрестех»

On 15 March top-managers of "Boeing" corporation and companies group "Progresstech" visited Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute.

Open access to scientific information: who, why and how

Відкритий доступ до наукової інформації

International traffic is one of the defining trends of modern scientific communication for the open access movement for free and unrestricted online access to scientific and educational material.

The holiday in our library

Кампус КПІ. Бібліотека ім. Г.Денисенка - сходи

This year's celebration of National Librarian Day in a team of Scientific and Technical Library named G.I. Denisenko of NTUU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky" was especially interesting.

It is devoted to Igor Sikorsky

Сікорський І.І. на гелікоптері VS-300, 1941 рік

The regular meetings of the series cultural evenings, dedicated to outstanding personalities of Ukrainian and Polish history took place on 21 September at the Scientific and Technical Library "KPI after Igor Sikorsky".

KPI library: looking into the future

Засідання стратегічної робочої групи

Libraries at modern universities haven’t been just book storages for a long time. All leading universities around the world are developing their libraries as intellectual centers. The library at KPI after I. Sikorsky can and should be similar to all those libraries.

Student space “BELKA” was opened at Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” on 12th of September

2016.09.12 Відкрився студентський простір «BELKA»

«BELKA» – is free student co-working that will operate on the third floor of the library. It was student initiative supported by the university administration to create it.

New season of art and cultural meetings

Кампус КПІ. Бібліотека ім. Г.Денисенка зсередини

Every week I look forward to a new issue of the Kiev Polytechnic newspaper.

About Ivan Franko - renowned poet, prose-writer, playwright and thinker

2016.05.17 мистецький вечір про життя і творчість Івана Франка

In May, 17 in scientific and technical library of NTUU “KPI” there was a regular art evening - one of the cultural and educational events devoted to famous people of history and culture.

Visit of top-manager of «Boeing India» company

2016.05.16 Візит топ-менеджерів компанії «Boeing  India»

Representation delegation of “Boeing” corporation as well as company groups “Progresstech” visited NTUU “KPI” on 16 of May



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