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The Scientific and Technical Library named after G.I. Denysenko

Campus. Scientific and Technical Library

Director: Bruy Oksana M.
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Library address :37, pr.Peremogy, Kyiv, 03056.
Tel. / Fax , ( 044) 236-30-72
E-mail: direction[at]

Builders and founders of Kyiv Polytechnics

2018.05.24 Виступає лектор Михайло Кальницький

A lecture by a well-known Kyiv historian Myhailo Kalynitsky “Outstanding Kyiv architects of the early twentieth century - employees of the Polytechnic Institute” from the cycle of historical studies “Think about it” gathered on 24th of August in the NTB students and university lecturers, city tou

Procrastination. How cease putting the work away

2018.04.11 Procrastination. How cease putting the work away

The word “procrastination” means inclination to postpone important things for later, to replace them with various current occupations.

Chernobyl and Fukushima: Life after tragedies through the glass of the art

Показ документальної стрічки японського телебачення Kansai TV "Марія та Фукусіма"

April 25, the photo exhibition of the Japanese photojournalist Kadzumi Obary “Irradiation” opened on the eve of the 32nd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster at the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

“Life as a project” –workshop of Nataliya Dzyuba

2018.03.19 воркшоп від Наталі Дзюби

The life of a modern man is full ofdiverse events. We are insanely lacking time for self-improvement and rest. Ourdreams and plans often remain unfulfilled. How to define your personal goalsand move step by step to them, gradually becoming self-sufficient and confidentpersonality?

“Personal efficiency” from Julius Nekrasov

2018.03.14 lecture on “Personal Efficiency”

The realities of the present require young people to develop their personality constantly.

Historical studies of STL: education in Kyiv a century ago

2018.02.21 Історичні студії НТБ

The lecture “Education in Kyiv at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century” took place on February, 21, at the G.I. Denisenko National Technical Library. The cycle of lectures“Think about it” (historical studies) began for the 120th anniversary of the KPI.

The most feminine unit of our university: the time of change

Бібліотекарі КПІ

Historically in the Ukrainian society a woman is assigned not only the traditional role of mother. Quite often, the mystical image of the great defender, the spiritual mentor of the Ukrainian people - Oranta - is at the forefront.

Exhibition of Mayuko Kanazawa: Magic Worlds and Modern Technologies

2018.02.21-22 Виставка Маюко Канадзава: чарівні світи і сучасні технології

On February 21 the opening of the media art exhibition of modern Japanese artist Mayuko Kanazawa was held at the Exhibition Hall of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the University's Scientific and Technical Library.

International Workshop on STL

2017.12.11-12 семінар "Стратегії розвитку бібліотек: від ідеї до втілення"

On December 11-12 at the Scientific and Technical G.I.



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