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A ceremonial launch of the project "Energy-efficient schools" was held at the Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU “KPI”

2014.12.18 урочистий запуск проекту «Енергоефективні школи»

In recent decades, the interest in energy issues, its future has increased dramatically. Humanity needs to know exactly at what period it will be enough fossil fuels, how it will be possible to get energy in the future. Wide development of energy and road transport has a very negative impact on the environment - air, land, water. In connection with this, the protection of the environment from harmful emissions gets a very important role. Energy-saving policies, focused in all spheres of human activity, would contribute to the solution of this problem. Such a task is possible with the comprehensive development of all areas of energy, improving its economic and environmental efficiency.

Pupils Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" actively participate in various research projects related to energy efficiency, including international ones. Some of them already have a patent for utility model. Therefore, the Lyceum, decided to join the All-Ukrainian project "Energy Efficient Schools".

December 18, 2014 a ceremonial launch of the project was held at the Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU “KPI”.

The purpose of this project is to improve the level of public awareness about saving energy and the gradual change of consumer behavior towards rational use of electricity and heat and the use of energy-saving measures, reducing the costs of heat and electricity schools.

The project "Energy-efficient schools" is being implemented for the third year in a row. Its participants were 116 schools in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Donetsk, Luhansk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Vinnytsia region.

Under the project, students in grades 6-8 have an optional course "Fundamentals of heat and heat saving", visit DTEK enterprises, and conduct their own research and practical information campaigns to promote energy efficiency.

The Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of NTUU "KPI" joined the project. For students in grades 9-11of the Lyceum there are scheduled classes based on the IESEM, the preparation of research papers.

A feature of the ceremonial start of the project was that it happened on the territory of the IESEM. A tour of the Institute laboratories was given to the Lyceum students. The students had the opportunity to learn about current issues relating to energy conservation and ways to overcome them, to communicate with specialists in this field.

The celebration was attended by the chief specialist of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports T. Grishchenko, deputy head of Solomiansky district education department N. Kukhareva, Director of the IESEM S.Denysiuk. There are also the representatives of DTEK I.Romaniuk and M. Litvinenko, Head of vocational guidance work with youth NTUU "KPI" V.Popov, the main energy manager NTUU "KPI" O. Shevchenko, parents and representatives of the student council.
At the beginning of the procedure the lyceum students of 11 grade demonstrated their research and the relevance of their inventions for modern life. Younger students also joined the work in the project. They presented to the competition of social advertising video, pictures on energy-saving themes, staged the consequences of careless handling of electrical appliances.

In our opinion, this is a very good start of the project, but still a lot of interesting ideas left in the arsenal of high school students. The theme of energy saving is still valid, so it is understandable desire to weaken the energy dependence of the country, to join the energy saving and resource saving assistance.

We wish success and victory to our Lyceum.

Yu. Kyrychkov


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