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NTUU"KPI" at the international exhibition

2014.09.23-25  ХІI Міжнародна спеціалізована виставка "Енергетика в промисловості – 2014"

From 23 to 25 September 2014 ХІI International Specialized Exhibition "Energy Industry - 2014" was held  at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. The technology and equipment for power engineering industries, alternative and renewable energy, industrial, electrical, electricity, nuclear power, oil and gas industry and the oil and gas sphere, the construction industry, transport and agriculture were presented at the exhibition.

Among the developments of NTUU"KPI", displayed at the exhibition, visitors were most interested in exhibits of FHPE such as: heat exchanger type "liquid-gas" and flat-oval tube heat exchanger with an incomplete lateral fins (developers - prof. E.M.Pismenny and prof. S .E.Nikolaenko), miniature heat pipes with complex geometric configuration for the spacecraft (Assoc. V.Yu.Kravets) gas-steam turbine technology "Aquarius" (A.S.Solomaha), jet- niche fuel combustion technology (Assoc. M.Z. Abdulin), gas-diesel system DG KPI (Ss V.G.Petrenko), an automated system for monitoring the geological environment in the zone of NPP structures (Prof.. S.O.Lukyanenko, V.A.Labzhinsky, V.I.Gaydarzhy), heat pipes with axial grooves for space technology and heat pipes for solar water heating installations (with sc. B.M.Rassamakin), the unit spikes cast for busbar heating surfaces of boilers, cast nozzle of a gas burner, cast nozzle gas-oil-fired boiler unit, an oil-fired burner ON34.

FHPE students Maxim Zaytsev, Roman Miller, Igor Kononenko and IFF student Vadim Lukyanets took active part at the exhibition work. The resulting experience, the presentation of scientific research will be very usefull for future professionals and will promote their professional development.

Participation in the exhibition is an important tool for the study of modern market needs, and helps to give birth to new ideas, scientific research and implementation of R & D results in the practice of business entities, as well as the commercialization of innovations. Experience shows that during the exhibition there is an opportunity to held meetings with colleagues from academia, representatives of local authorities and, most importantly, with business leaders, representatives of business organizations. The last ones, thanks to the establishment of contacts during a demonstration exhibits, could transform from potential partners to the real customers high-tech products of the university scientists.

In general, the exhibition once again gave the representatives of our university opportunity for personal contact with the industry-leading companies in the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and foreign enterprises and the ability to introduce the visitors to their innovations, developments, which are able to provide a qualitative change in the energy sector of Ukraine.

The organization  of the exposition NTUU"KPI" was provided by the department of intellectual property and commercialization of scientific developments. Head of the department O.O. Oreshnikova and engineer V.A. Levin  organized  the University participation in the exhibition, namely, prepared posters, exhibits, handouts and involved teachers and students.

Valery Barbash, Deputy Vice-Rector for Research


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