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Development of highly intelligent information technology - demand of the time

Intensive study of a wide class of objects and processes (both deterministic and random) of different nature require developing appropriate mathematical tools for adequate modeling of these phenomena and further systematic mathematical analysis of the functions of state and derived characteristics. A mathematical model of the process under investigation must, on the one hand, as accurately as possible to describe the relationship between the defining parameters of the problem, but on the other hand, satisfy the conditions that would allow her to study with existing mathematical apparatus that provides the necessary qualitative properties for the desired solutions and allows in particular, to study digitally the function state of original mathematical model. All the more urgent, in particular, is the problem of constructing such mathematical models that take into account non-linear effects, memory effects, modes with exacerbation, incomplete penetration etc. There is the growing need to explore new classes of nonlinear boundary value problems with unilateral constraints, control problems nonlinear distributed systems in the form of feedback, the study of the dynamics of many-valued solutions of the optimal control of nonlinear effects arising in the theory of viscous elasticity etc.

Thus, during the mathematical simulation of the studied processes of different nature is appropriate to consider non-linear processes and fields, obeying the laws of a non-linear and multi-valued functions of the interaction. Effective mathematical modeling of the behavior of various natural processes and therefor, control of these processes are essential for the system of research in energy, chemical engineering, petrochemistry, physics, mechanics, economics, etc. .. The creation of new, effective methods for studying models of complex processes and systems is research priorities, in favour of many branches of science and technology. In this context it is worth to note the importance of the problem of information systems to support decision-making for solving the problems of mathematical modeling of objects and processes of different nature, short and medium-term forecasts, the formation of alternatives and choose the best of them in decision-making in business, micro and macroeconomics, financial, business, in the management of technological processes and systems, managing complex technical objects - robot's complexes, space and air aircraft, surface ships and submarines, and many other objects and processes.

Given the urgency and the promise of this research, scientific work aimed at developing highly intelligent information technologies, the development of effective tools of computer and mathematical modeling, design methods of optimizationi, artificial intelligence and data mining, being quite intense. It is worth noting the scientific achievements of Ukrainian scientists E.F. Galba, A.I. Kulyas, T.T. Lebedeva, N.V. Semenova, P.I. Stetsyuk, P.I. Bidyuk, P.A. Kasyanov,
A.N. Kiselova, Y. Krak, A.I. Shevchenko, whose performance were united in a series of scientific papers "Mathematical methods of optimization and artificial intelligence to simulate complex processes and systems." The authors have created metodology to construct mathematical models of processes and systems aimed at optimizing the design, modeling, forming the equations of motion control, estimation of parameters and states of the objects, elements of optimal control of large space structures. New approaches and methods of simulation of the systems with elements artificial intelligence. New mathematical models space designs were built. The methods for modeling of non-stationary processes non-linear arbitrary nature subject to uncertainties. Developed new advanced information processing technology, analysis, diagnostic data and information visualization to create original and improvement of existing computer hardware and software. Presented research results received scientific recognition in the world.

We believe that the authors E.F. Galba, A.I. Kulyas, T.T. Lebedeva, N.V. Semenova, P.I. Stetsyuk, P.I. Bidyuk, P.A. Kasyanov, A.N. Kiselova, Y. Krak, A.I. Shevchenko of a cycle of scientific papers "Mathematical methods of optimization and artificial intelligence to simulate complex processes and systems," conducted a systematic series of studies, make a significant contribution to the development of national science and technology, and they deserve the award of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 2013.

I.V. Sergienko, Academician of NAS of Ukraine


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