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Танцювальний конкурс з хіп-хопу

2013.05.25 Dance Competition Devoted to Hip-Hop

May 25 on the bases of Centre of Students` Consolidation the dance competition devoted to hip-hop “Hype Dance Battle” was held for the first time in NTUU “KPI”. In this competition the students of “KPI” and other participants from different parts of Ukraine took part.

The idea of dancing show was originated by Yevgen Khmelinytsikyj, who is the coach of “KPI” hip-hop team “HDteam”. The unforgettable dancing celebration was held with the support of the pro-rector of the university G.B. Varlamov, the director of the Centre of Culture and Art M.M. Galushko and the director of the Centre of Culture and Sport Yevgeniya Bajkina.
Near 200 viewers visited the dance show. More than 300 participants took part in the competition; among them were 16 representatives of NTUU “KPI”.

Three judges picked those, who managed to embody the music in their dance. The judges were: Kristy (Kharkiv), Andrij Onopriyenko (Lutsk) and Maximus (Cherkassy), who is Maxym Orobets, the participant of TV-projects “Everybody dances” and “Majdance”.

Participants created the unforgettable atmosphere of dance celebration, the story, which starts from a certain point of a track, tells something and does not need any epilogues. During the contest`s breaks dancers made circles, where everyone could show his or her skills.

It is also worth mentioning the finalists of the contest: Roman Kuzmenko with hip-hop and Denys Yevstyhnyeykin with House, both from Kyiv.

Apart from that the competition “KPI Championship” among the students of “KPI” was held, which winners were Anna Latsyba (VPI) and Marina Boreyko (FMM).

If anyone from students is interested in this dance style, the team “HDteam” gladly invites you to join.

Eugene Khmelnitsky
Head of the team «HDteam»,
Catherine Zubov, graduate student of NTUU "KPI" Translator: Атаманюк Наталія ЛА-11


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