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Department of Electric Power Plants (ES), FEA

The first lecture on Electrical part of power stations were read in 1920 a founding faculty prof. Skomorohovym. Department of Power Stations was organized in 1922 and the first teachers were Combine the production who read such courses as "High Voltage Power Transmission", "Electrification enterprises", "Electric drive". Later, with the strengthening of laboratory facilities department were put additional special discipline "Fundamentals of electrical equipment planning USSR ", "Power Plants", "Power cables", etc. Lectures read prof. A.A. Fools, prof. P.V. Okulov, prof. Shenberh.

"Power stations" - professionals in the field of operation, management, planning, and management of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants, study their profiles.

Studies carried out on budget and contract basis for full-time and part-time (on the job) forms for the highest 4th level of accreditation of all three levels of university education in terms of:

Bachelor - 4 years
Engineer - 1.5 years
Master - 2 years

In addition, the conditions for the preparation of specialists for individual accelerated programs (based technical education junior specialist) - 3 years.

Full-time students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship. For applicants from other cities provided hostel. (№ 18).

Students have the opportunity to be trained at the military department of the University and in parallel to obtain a second degree in economy on a contract basis.

They successfully working in energy company in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada and other countries. The most famous - NPC "Ukrenergo", power systems and NPP of Ukraine, research institutes, NAS of Ukraine, Oblenergo, AEK "Kyivenergo", National electric grid, electrical companies, manufacturing companies, design institutes "Energoprojekt", "Ukrenergomerezhproekt", ABB, Schneider Electric, "Kyivproekt", "High-Voltage Union - Ukraine", IEK - Ukraine, Antonov Aeronautical Scientific - technical Complex "Antonov", SE "Kyiv Aviation Plant Aviant " and other government and commercial organizations.


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