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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": 4.1. Standards of higher education and educational programs

According to the Law of Ukraine "About Higher Education" development of educational content and learning can be represented by the following scheme (Fig. 1).

Normative documents of upper part of the scheme (national qualifications framework, professional standards and the standards of higher education) developed at the state level and approved by the relevant authorities. Documents of the lower part of scheme developed and approved at the University.

Рис. 1. Структура розроблення змісту освіти і навчання
Fig. 1. The structure of development of educational content and learning

Standards for Higher Education developed for every level of higher education within the limits of each specialty according to the National Qualifications Framework and are used for determining and evaluating the quality of the content and results of higher educational institutions.

Standards of higher education in each specialty developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine taking into account proposals of public sector bodies, to the administration which include universities, industry associations and employers' organizations and approve them in agreement with the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

   Standard of Higher Education defines such requirements for educational programs:

  • the amount of ECTS* credits necessary for obtain the appropriate degree of higher education;
  • a list of competences of graduates;
  • normative content of training applicants Higher Education, formulated in terms of learning outcomes (knowledge and skills);
  • forms of attestation of higher education applicants;
  • availability requirements of internal quality assurance of higher education;
  • the requirements of professional standards (if any);

   University develops educational programs on the basis of higher education.

Educational (educational and professional or scientific educational) program - a system of educational components at the appropriate level of higher education within the specialty (specialization), which defines:

  • requirements for the education of persons who can start learning under this program;
  • a list of academic disciplines and logical sequence of their study (structural and logical scheme);
  • the number of ECTS credits necessary for the implementation of this program;
  • the expected learning outcomes (competence), which should seize applicant the appropriate degree of higher education.

    Educational and professional program developed for first (bachelor) level of higher education and the second (Masters) level (practical profile).

   Educational and scientific program developed for the second (master's) level of higher education (academic profile) and for the third (education and research) level of higher education.

Educational Program (EP) is used during:

  • carrying the license to conduct educational expertise of the relevant specialty and the level of higher education, the inspection of educational activities in the specialty;
  • development of educational plan, programs of educational disciplines and practices;
  • development of  diagnostic tools quality of higher education;
  • determining the content of learning in  the system of retraining and qualification;
  • professional orientation of applicants of higher education.

Educational program in the list of academic disciplines has two components - regulatory and selective. By the volume normative part should be at 75-40% of the relevant educational program.                                                      

   The educational program developed by the working group of graduating department (Interdepartmental Working Group), consistent with the educational-methodical management of the University Academic Council and accepted by the appropriate institution/faculty. Recommendations for the development of educational programs given in the "Methodological recommendations concerning development of educational programs."

Educational programs approves rector.

*   ECTS credits - a standard unit (the European credit transfer system) measuring the amount an academic load applicant higher education required to achieve these (expected) learning outcomes. The volume of one ECTS credits is 30 hours.

Temporary regulation about organization of educational process in NTUU «KPI» [Text] / Sig.: V.P. Holovenkin (sec.: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnychenko (sec.: 9, 11); by gen. edit. Y.I. Yakymenko. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. - 102 p.


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