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Anatoliy Pavlovich Gavrysh approaches his 80th year of life!

Anatoliy Pavlovich Gavrysh

On the 23th of April, 2014 Anatoliy Pavlovich Gavrysh celebrated his 80-year anniversary. He is the Senior Research co-worker of "KPI" Publish-Printing Faculty, honored worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, famous scientist in the field of engineering technology at home and also abroad. He has made rich and fruitful career.

A.P.Havrysh was born in Odesa. In 1936, he moved to Kyiv with his parents, where in 1950 he graduated from high school with gold medal and entered the mechanical department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. After graduating from KPI in 1955 and getting diploma of the mechanical engineer Anatoly Pavlovich worked as a technologist for "Uralmashzavod", in the 1957-1959 years he worked for the factory "Arsenal" in positions of designer and later as deputy chief designer of defense systems.

In the 1959-1961 years he studied at the graduation course in KPI. From 1961 to 1979 he worked in the NGO "Mayak" as the chief of the laboratory, sector, department, as chief engineer and the chief of technology office. Since 1974, he part-headed the base design department of 8th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Industry. At this time A.P.Havrysh emerged as a skilled worker, researcher of engineering industry and the defense industry, which successfully worked to develop new technologies and organization of production. In 1967 he passed his PhD defense, and in 1974 - his doctoral dissertation. In 1975-1979 he part-worked as a tenured professor of KPI, in 1979-1999 he headed the department of engineering technologies, in 1999-2009 he served as professor of TM department, and since 2012 he has been working in the Publishing Faculty as leading researcher.

Anatoly Pavlovich Gavrysh is the inventor, swinger and romantic. While solving the difficult life and creative tasks he prefers the original methods and approaches, which often bring to life new ideas, predictions and beliefs. His scientific school of high-precision processing of materials for aerospace systems and automation of manufacturing processes with the use of flexible manufacturing systems based on machine tools with numerical control and industrial robots is known. The diversity of his talents appeared in a wide range of research investigations, what was reflected in his 34 books, 4 textbooks and 2 tutorials, over 360 articles and 300 patents for inventions. The main features of A.P.Havrysh are inspiration, confidence in achieving goals and positive outcomes in life, production, research and teaching areas. By his life example, experience and intuitive foresight he inspires pupils, students and colleagues in solving complex scientific and engineering problems. Anatoly Pavlovich has created 25 doctors and 55 candidates of sciences, including 5 from foreign countries.

As the lecturer and teacher A.P.Havrysh is respected and has well-deserved reputation among friends and colleagues. He maintains friendly relations with his friends in university, at work in industry, with colleagues from other universities and countries near and far abroad, with his many students, working with them to solve complex technical problems and educate new technical and scientific elite of Ukraine. He loves and respects his students, it is easy for him to find an approach to awakening creativity and capacity of students, and he always objectively assesses the knowledge and attitudes of young people. After meeting him there appears a willingness to work creatively, to grow in career, and never give up.

Activity of A.P.Havrysh has wide public recognition. He is the emeritus of "KPI" (1998), Professor Emeritus of NTU "KPI", emeritus of Donbass State Engineering Academy. In 1989, Professor A.P.Havrysh was awarded with the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine." In 1996 he was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Professor A.P.Havrysh was awarded with three medals and lifelong State Scholarship of the President of Ukraine.

Congratulations, Anatoly Pavlovich! We wish You creative inspiration and positive results in all areas of life now and later!
Translator: Микуляк Жанна ЛА-11


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