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The Academy of Wireless Technology MikroTik at The Faculty of Radio Engineering

2013.06.30 The Academy of Wireless Technology MikroTik  at The Faculty of Radio Engineering

In June, 2013 the NTUU “KPI” Faculty of Radio Engineering together with the department of information technology founded the academy MikroTik in the Centre of post-graduation education PAT “Ukrtelecom”. In July, this year, students of specialty “Equipment of Radio communication, broadcasting and television” within the scope of their industrial practice began studying according to the certified program MTCNA of a newly-created academy.

The urgency of academy foundation was caused by the license obtained by PAT “Ukrtelecom” and by the introduction of wireless technology Wi-Fi in range of 5 hertz. The MikroTik company is a world leader in new technology for wireless computer system development and implementation.

The main achievement of the MikroTik company is their network operating system based on Linux RouterOS. This system is intended to equip Mikrotik router with RouterBoard. This operating system provides such opportunities as rules of fireproof wall estimation, VPN server and user, preparation of high-quality carrying capacity, creating wireless access point and other spreading functions of routing and networks preparation. Software provides connection via FTP Telnet and SSH. There is also API for making specialized applications for automated operation and monitoring. RouterOS works with a number of services which can be used by average and big providers, such as OSPF, BGP, VPLS/MPLS.

Different ways of RouterBOARD routers preparation give the opportunity to solve variety of network problems on its base, ranging from simple wireless access point and controlled switch to powerful router with fireproof wall and QOS.

The course plan of MTCNA academy includes:

1. MikroTik RouterOS. Bases

of MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBOARD. Turning to the router. Winbox and MAC-Winbox. SSH and Telnet. Preparation for networking via router. IP-addresses and lock by default. DHCP-user, bases of TCP/IP. Communication between two devices within network. IP-addresses. Networks and masks of under-networks. RouterOS renewal. RouterOS services and login control. Reserve copying and export/import of configuration. Editing of export file. License renewal. RouterOS replacement and dropping.

2. MikroTik RouterOS. Firewall

Firewall principles (compositions and links),functioning of firewall filter, limitation of access to router, influences on router, securing state of users accesses, source destination NAT and so on.

3. MikroTik RouterOS. QoS.

DST-addresses, traffic priority control, preparation + PCQ, configuration velocity, configuration of PCQ limit, testing of line transmission, monitoring interface of traffic and others.

Lessons are carried out by Volodymir Yarovyi, who is a certificated MikroTik Academy tutor and also a graduate of Faculty of Radio Engineering, and Sergii Serbin, who is Associate Professor of Department of IT CPO PAT “Ukrtelecom”.

Special thanks for supporting and honest help to our friends and colleagues, Oleg Syvertsev (Moscow, and Dmytro Lukin (Ultratech, LTD, Mykolaiv,, without their help this project would not be possible.

Sergii Mogylnii, Associate Professor of ROS Department of NTUU “KPI”.


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