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Maintenance Department

Photo. Kovaliov Petro Volodymyrovych

Pro-rector in research and educational work (administrative work and development of material and technical resources): Kovaliov Petro Volodymyrovych
Address: room 109, building 1, 37, Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv-56, 030056
Reception hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays - 1500-1600
telephone: (044) 236-70-43, fax: (044) 204-82-84,

Maintenance Department solves administrative and maintenance issues and development and keeping of material and technical resources of the University.

Main areas of work of Maintenance Department (DAGR):

  • Activity in development of material and technical resources of University;
  • Work to improve working conditions, welfare and social security of lecturers, staff and students;
  • Coordination of activity of administrative, technical departments and services of the University;
  • Supply of statutory activities of the University and operation of its resource base;
  • Coordination of University departments to maintain and develop their assigned property complexes.

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