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Joint Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Address: Building 1,room 301 37, Prosp.Peremohy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Phone/fax:+38 ( 044 ) 204-83-01
Contact e-mail: gfm[at]

Directions and specialties of study

  • engineering mechanics;
  • engineering materials;
  • welding.


On May, 27, 2002 the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and the Otto -von- Guericke University Magdeburg founded the Joint Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


The purpose of the Joint Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to improve training skills of students to meet the needs of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-German enterprises. Specialists are good at modern technology, science-intensive technologies, European standards and in German.

The founders: from OvGU Magdeburg - Faculty of Engineering, from the -Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Physical Engineering and Welding Department.

Studying is to be paid, but we provide compensation cost for additional educational services and profound study of the German language.


Training, postgraduate study and retraining of specialists, considering the experience of "KPI" and the Otto -von- Guericke University, are carried out in three educational qualification areas: engineering mechanics, engineering materials and welding. Studying begins in Kiev, in study groups , which are formed of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering students, Welding , and Physical Engineering faculties. During the first four academic years, students enrolled in the Joint Faculty, are studying altogether with the students of the relevant "KPI" departments.There are extra advanced courses of German language (8-10 hours per week). Since the 3rd year of education, some specific courses are being taught in German with professors from Otto -von- Guericke University. At the end of the fourth year of training students receive Bachelor’s diploma of Ukrainian State Standard. Their further education for obtaining Master Degree takes place at the University of Magdeburg . A compulsory condition is the successful DSH (German language test for foreign applicants). After defending his Master's thesis in Germany , students receive a Master's degree in Science of German Standard, and after its defending in Ukraine - equivalent diploma of Ukrainian Standard. In addition to knowledge and skills of basic specialty, training at the Joint Faculty gives you an opportunity to advance the German language thoroughly, study the European standards of certification system and products quality control , be able to work with the international technical documents etc.

Translate: Maria Kokoruz, LE-02


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