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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": Features of the educational process’ organization of correspondence form of training

Reception distance learning in accordance with the rules of admission to NTUU "KPI" annually approved by the Academic Council of the University and published on a portal Persons enrolled in higher education by correspondence, have student status and are subject to rights and duties established by current legislation.

According to the Labor Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On leave" and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 28, 1997 № 634 "On the procedure, duration and conditions of granting annual leave to employees who are enrolled in higher education institutions with distance learning where learning process has its own characteristics "for people who are in labor relations with enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of ownership, type of activity and industry sector, and working under an employment contract from an individual and enrolled in institutions of higher education by distance provided additional incentives in the form of paid leave and leave without pay.

The content, scope, structure and quality of competencies, knowledge and skills of students studying by distance, should comply with the standards of higher education.

Duration assimilation program Bachelor and Master training by distance learning a specific profession set the same as in teaching full-time study.

The curricula for distance learning courses on the list, the number of loans and total control forms must match a curriculum full-time. Number of classroom hours in the curriculum of correspondence courses set at the rate of 8.16 hours per week.

Educational process by distance learning organized under this Regulation and implemented during sessions and inter-session period. Session for distance learning - is part of the school year, during which all forms of educational process, provided the curriculum (lectures, laboratories, workshops and seminars, consultations and control measures).

Constituent lectures are adjusting, conceptual, overview and synthesis.

The seminars are held on the main themes of the Cabinet submitted for independent study students.

Practical and laboratory classes should ensure formation of the desired composition and level of skills.

The total duration of sessions for each academic year is determined based on the amount of additional leave mentioned in Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On leave", and in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 28, 1997 № 634. Number of sessions and timing of their implementation are set yearly schedule of educational process allowing for the specialty and year of studies students.

Between sessions for distance learning - is part of the school year, during which the students work on learning, both independently and under the guidance of teaching staff. The main form of part-time students on learning is the performance of individual tasks. Individual tasks stipulated curriculum can be performed both in the home (outside the university) and the university. Individual tasks performed in the manner provided by this Regulation.

To ensure systematic self-study part-time students in the intersessional period can be consulted, protection course projects (works) and individual tasks. In the inter-session period part-time students may be given the opportunity to attend training sessions, and other types of training, along with full-time students under the conditions agreed with the scientific and educational work.

Individual tasks performed outside the university are reviewed scientific and pedagogical work within seven days from the time they are received and transferred to the University of the interview of scientific and pedagogical employee with the student. Individual tasks performed by the University, tested scientific and pedagogical work in two days and transferred the results of their implementation. The accounting individual tasks determines the appropriate department.

Examination and scoring tests performed individual tasks are kept at the department for one year and then destroyed, as at the Department of an appropriate document (certificate) indicating the list of works and names of students.

Organization for extramural training during sessions and inter-session period carried out according to the schedule of the educational process and curricula for the current year are brought to the attention of all students before the start of the school year.

Director of the Institute / Dean of the Faculty may establish individual schedule of educational process to individual students in certain circumstances (illness, business trips, difficult family circumstances).

Part-time students are allowed to participate in examinations if they have debts for the previous year (semester) and before the session completed all the individual tasks of the Cabinet submitted to the session. Considered fully executed and credited to individual tasks committed to protecting course projects (works).

Challenge students to a session carried out according to the schedule of the educational process certificate-challenge the established form. Help call is the basis for providing additional paid holiday for students who complete the curriculum for the previous session. Help Call is a document of strict accountability and be registered in a separate book with the number and date of issue. After the session the student dean issues a certificate of participation in the session.

Part-time students who do not fulfill the requirements of the curriculum and are not entitled to additional paid leave, but appeared to laboratory examination session, allowed for consultation, laboratory and practical works, assembly and tests prescribed manner to exams (tests ) without subsequent provision of additional paid leave for the current academic year.

Distance learning students who work on the chosen specialty (specialty), or have relevant practical experience are exempt from passing experience in the field. In other cases, students have practice for the corresponding program for full-time study.

Temporary regulations on the organizations of educational process in NTUU “KPI” [Text] / Compl.: Holovenkin V.P.(chapter 1-8, 10, 12), Melnychenko S.V.(chapter 9,11); under gen.edit. Yakimenko Y.I. – K.: NTUU “KPI”


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