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Conference of the project CENEAST-Tempus

2013.04.22-24 Зустріч партнерських організацій – учасників проекту CENEAST

From 22nd till 24th of April on the premises of Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute NTUU “KPI” regular meeting of the organizations members of the project CENEAST-Tempus “Education programs modernization in the field of overbuilt surroundings in the East European good-neighborliness countries” was held. This project is realized within the program Tempus. Priorities of the international joint project are the education bachelor/master and postgraduate students programs modernization with new modules on energetically and ecologically steady, rational, secure for health overbuilt surroundings in the universities of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The purpose of this is to enhance the quality and topicality of education in the universities of partner countries according to the labour-market requirements. During the meeting the main attention was paid to the issue of creating the united education system in the field of overbuilt surroundings for member countries.

The representatives of institutes of higher education of Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, UK and Italy took part in the meeting.

The meeting was opened by the leader of the project PhD, associate professor V.V. Prokopenko. He underlined the importance of this project , the necessity of encouraging the lectures, students and university administration to take part in it. Only the systematic and integrated cooperation guarantees the creation of the new education program of specialists training in the field of overbuilt surroundings. The increasing popularity of nowadays specialists in the sphere of planning, operation, and urban land provision requires the higher level of training in the phase of studying.

At the meeting the representatives of all member countries spoke.

A PhD, associate professor O.V. Kozar , the leader of international office ESEMI NTUU “KPI” analysed the education service market and suggested modernized by ESEMI module system in the field of overbuilt surroundings, which consists of 4 basic directions: urban geography, energy saving, energy efficiency; ecological compatibility and security; energy provision. The module division for the maximal education efficiency caused a heated discussion. The speech of the representative of the Bolognese university, professor Massimo Blanchi, was focused on the provision of the effective education process due to the special materials usage.

The representatives of Salford university(UK) Richard Hey and Dilanti Armatunga remarked in their speech that while creating the united data base of guidance publication ,so called “intellectual library”, it`s necessary to take into account the intellectual property right of the quoted authors.

During the meeting the consensus was reached in such important issues as module system in the field of overbuilt surroundings, intellectual property right protection and guidance materials provision.

A great contribution was made to the preparation, organization and holding of the meeting by the Ukrainian coordinator of the project CENEAST, the leading expert of the international project department NTUU “KPI” PhD A.V. Pjatova. Students and post-graduates ESEMI NTUU “KPI” were encouraged to participate in the international event. The meeting of the members of the project CENEAST in Kyjiv became the following step to the provision of European level education in Ukraine.

Iryna Kalinchyk, graduating student of ESEMI department.


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