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A list of special fields and subject areas in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

High quality education and recognition on labor market are the main tasks of educational establishments that train specialists for the national economy. National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute” trains specialists in 42 fields of study and 168 program subject areas

Field of study  Title of program subject area
023 Fine arts, decorative art, restoration 023.01 Fine arts
035 Philology 035.04 German languages and literatures (English, German and French Translation)
  035.04 German languages and literatures (English, German and French Translation)
  035.05 Romance languages and literatures  (French and English Translation)  
051 Economics 051.01 Economic cybernetics  
  051.02 International economy
  051.03 Business economics
  051.04 Human resource management and labor economics
  051.05 Applied statistics
054 Sociology 054.01 Modernization and scientific and technical progress sociology
061 Journalism 061.01 Advertising and public relations  
  061.02 Publishing studies
073 Management 073.01 Management and business administration  
  073.02 Innovation management  
  073.03 International projects management
  073.04 Logistics  
  073.05 Media management and administration in printing and publishing fields  
  073.06 Quality, standardization and certification (Masters’ degree program)   
074 Public administration 074.01 Administrative management  
  074.02 Electronic administration  
075 Marketing 075.01 Industrial marketing  
081 Law 081.01 Economic and administrative law and process  
  081.02 Information law and intellectual property law
  081.03 Intellectual property in engineering
101 Environment studies 101.01 Engineering ecology and  resource economy
  101.02 Environmental safety   
104 Physics and astronomy 104.01 Computer modeling of physical processes  
105 Applied physics and nano-materials   105.01 High physic technologies  
  105.02 Living systems physics
  105.03 New sources of energy physics
111 Mathematics 111.01 Actuarial and financial mathematics  
  111.02 Mathematical and computer modeling methods in dynamical systems
113 Applied mathematics 113.01 Data science and mathematical modeling  
  113.02 Mathematical techniques of computer modeling
  113.03 Applied cryptology  
121 Software engineering 121.01 Information control systems and technology software
  121.02 High productive computer systems and networks software
  121.03 Information and communication systems software
  121.04 Intelligent and robotic systems software
  121.05 Computer and data retrieval systems software
  121.06 Distributed systems software
  121.07 Web-technologies and mobile devices software
122 Computer sciences and information technologies 122.01 Information control systems and technologies
  122.02 Geometric modeling in information systems
  122.03 Environmental monitoring information technologies
  122.04 Information technologies in biology and medicine
  122.05 Artificial intelligence systems (IASA)
  122.06 Intellectual data analysis in project management (IASA)
  122.07 Information systems and design  technologies (IASA)
  122.08 Service system designing (IASA)
  122.09 Information control systems and special communication  and information security technologies (ISZZI)
123 Computer engineering 123.01 Computer systems and networks
  123.02 Computer systems and components
  123.03 System programming
  123.04 Specialized computer systems
124 System analysis   124.01 System analysis and control  (IASA)
  124.02 Systems and decisions making techniques (IASA)  
125 Cyber security 125.01 Cyber security systems and technologies
  125.02 Mathematical techniques  of cyber security
  125.03 Technical information protection systems  
  125.04 Public information resources security (ISZZI)
131 Applied mechanics   131.01 Machine dynamics and strength
  131.02 Information systems and technologies in machinery engineering 
  131.03 Logistic systems engineering
  131.04 Machinery engineering technologies
  131.05 Components manufacturing technologies and aircraft vehicles components  assembly
  131.06 Equipment and plastic making  technologies of machinery engineering designs
  131.07 Equipment and nano-structural and composite materials products technologies
  131.08 Technologies and application-specific products design
  131.09 Laser technology and physical and technical material processing
  131.10 Mechatronic systems in machinery engineering
  131.11 Hydraulic and pneumatic machines and drive systems
  131.12 Machines and packaging technologies
  131.13 Technologies and engineering in welding
  131.14 Automated technological systems in welding  
132 Material science   132.01 Material physics  
  132.02 Material science of powder composites and surfaces
  132.03 Nanotechnologies and computer-aided material design
  132.04 Metals science  and heat treatment processes
  132.05 Engineering and surface nanotechnologies
133 Industrial machinery building 133.01 Metal-cutting equipment  and systems
  133.02 Instrumental systems and components forming technologies
  133.03 Design engineering
  133.04  Engineering, equipment  and polymers and construction materials production technologies
  133.05 Engineering, equipment and pulp and paper production technologies
  133.06 Engineering, equipment and technologies of chemical and oil refineries industries
  133.07 Polygraphic machines and automated complexes
  133.08 Equipment of pharmacy and biotechnological industries  
134 Aviation and aero-space technology   134.01 Aircrafts and helicopters
136 Metallurgy 136.01 Special Metallurgy
  136.02 Foundry engineering and casting processes computerization
  136.03 Art and jewelry casting
  136.04 Powder metallurgy
141 Electrical energetics, electrical engineering and electro mechanics 141.01 Electric power stations
  141.02 Electrical systems and networks
  141.03 Technical equipment and high voltage electro physics
  141.04 Production and power distribution control systems 
  141.05 Unconventional and renewable energy sources
  141.06 Electrical machines and equipment
  141.07 Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive  
  141.08 Electric power supply systems
  141.09 Energy management and energy efficiency
  141.10 Electrical systems engineering
  141.11 Electromechanical and mechatronic systems of power-consuming industries
142 Power engineering   142.01 Heat- and steam generating plants
143 Nuclear power engineering   143.01 Nuclear power stations
144 Heat power engineering 144.01 Industrial and public hear power engineering and energy saving
  144.02 Thermal physics
  144.03 Thermal power stations and plants and
  144.04 Energy management and engineering  
151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies  151.01 Computer-assisted command systems
  151.02 Computerized and robotechnical systems
  151.03 Computer-integrated device production technologies  
  151.04 Computer-integrated technologies and fine mechanics systems
  151.05 Computer-integrated technologies and navigation and control systems
  151.06 Computer-integrated technologies and non-destructive control and diagnosing systems
  151.07 Automation of chemical and technological processes and industries 
  151.08 Computer-integrated technologies of chemical and oil refining industries
  151.09 Computer-aided process control
  151.10 Computer-integrated technical processes and production   
  151.11 Computer-integrated technologies of standing chemical production units
152 Metrology and information-measuring technology   152.01 Metrology and measuring technology
  152.02 Information measuring technologies and systems                                                                
  152.03 Biomedical measuring technology
  152.04 Information-measuring systems and fine mechanics technologies
  152.05 Information-measuring systems and ecologic monitoring technologies
  152.06 Photonics and op-informatics
  152.07 Optical-electrical information-measuring systems and technologies
  152.08 Biomedical devices and information systems
153 Micro- and nano-system technologies 153.01 Micro- and nano-electronics
  153.02 Microelectronic information systems
  153.03 Electronic biomedical systems and technologies
  153.04 Information design technologies in electronics and nano-systems
161 Chemical technologies and engineering 161.01 Chemical technologies of inorganic substances and water purification  
  161.02 Chemical technologies of organic compounds
  161.03 Хімічні технології косметичних засобів та харчових добавок
  161.04 Energy efficient technical electrochemistry and metal protection against corrosion
  161.05 Ceramics and glass chemical technologies
  161.06 Viscous substances chemical technologies
  161.07 Chemical technologies of polymers and composite materials processing
  161.08 Chemical technologies of wood and plant raw materials processing
162 Biotechnologies and bioengineering 162.01 Industrial biotechnology
  162.02 Molecular biotechnology
  162.03 Ecology biotechnology and bioenergetics
163 Biomedical engineering 163.01 Clinical engineering  
  163.02 Rehabilitation engineering  
171 Electronics 171.01 Electronic devices and equipment
  171.02 Electronic systems
  171.03 Acoustic multimedia technologies and systems
  171.04 Bioacoustics systems
  171.05 Electronic and information systems and television, cinema and sound engineering technologies
172 Telecommunications and radio engineering  172.01 Information and communication technologies
  172.02 Telecommunication systems and networks
  172.03 Mobile telecommunications
  172.04 Electronic communication hardware and software
  172.05 Radio engineering information technologies
  172.06 Radio communication and signal processing
  172.07 Radio system engineering
  172.08 Intelligent technologies of microsystem radioelectronic engineering
  172.09 Information and computing means of electronic systems
  172.10 Specialized telecommunication systems (ISZZI)
173 Avionics 173.01 Flight control systems
184 Mining 184.01 Reservoir engineering and mining 
  184.02 Geotechnical and local underground constructing
186 Publishing and printing 186.01 Printing media technologies
  186.02 Electronic multimedia publishing technologies
  186.03 Digital reproduction technologies
227 Physical rehabilitation 227.01 Physical rehabilitation
231 Social work 231.01 Social work and Internet technologies

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