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Trefilov Viktor Ivanovich

Фото. Трефілов Віктор Іванович

All creative life of Viktor Ivanovich Trefilova is inseparably connected with the national science, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The man with extraordinary talent, after graduation from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1952), from the first independent steps in the science he clearly proved himself as a researcher and innovator with his own approach to solving the most challenging scientific problems.

From 1955 to 1978 Victor Ivanovich worked at the Institute of Metal Physics, where he rose from research assistant to the deputy director. In 1969 he was elected as a corresponding member, and in 1973 - as Academician of the Academy of Science of the USSR. That same year, , he headed the Institute of Materials, which soon became one of the largest and most recognized centres in the field of science. In 1987 the scientist was elected as a member of the Academy of Sciences.

The range of fundamental and applied research of V.I. Trefilov covered a number of important areas of modern materials science. He is credited with creating the physical foundations of the theory of strength and ductility of artificial and natural materials of different purpose. He is the author of the theory of strain hardening and fracture of polycrystalline metallic materials and the founder of scientific school of the same name, which earned the honored international recognition.

Fundamental researches of V.I. Trefilov became the base for the development of the original technological complex of electro-thermal machining of steel, which provided a record combination of high strength with ductility, creating production technology of highly durable steel armor. For the first time in materials science Viktor Ivanovich and his colleagues developed the production technology of the so-called viscous ceramic and diamond-like materials, implemented a process of explosive sintering of diamond ceramics. Most of these technologies still are not implemented in other materials science centers around the world, in spite of intensive work in this direction.

Almost half a century Viktor Ivanovich generously shared his knowledge and experience with students and colleagues, carefully trained scientific generation. Among his pupils were 50 PhD candidates and 10 Doctors of Science.

For twenty years academician V.I. Trefilov was elected as a Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and as a member of its Presidium. He was a leader of numerous international programs of basic and applied research in the field of new materials.

From the first days of the accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Viktor Ivanovich was actively involved in elimination of its consequences. Everything done by him in those days and months became a bright example of his scientific abilities, great experience of the organization skills and personal courage.

V.I. Trefilov wrote more than 800 scientific works, including 15 monographs. He received more than 220 patents issued worldwide.

Outstanding contribution of V.I. Trefilov in native and world science is highly appreciated by the homeland. He was awarded with many orders and medals. He was the winner of the State Prize of the USSR and Ukraine, prizes named after outstanding scientists of Ukraine and Russia, was awarded with the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine." Viktor Ivanovich was awarded with the Medal of the International Research Society named after Planzeyevskyy.

V.I. Trefilov was highly respected by the authority and the international scientific community. He was an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences, the International Academy of Ceramics, Institute of Metals of Great Britain, Institute of sintering of Yugoslavia.

Source: Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. - 2001. - N 5.


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