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Faculty of Sociology and Law

Кампус КПІ, корпус № 7

The dean: Melnichenko Anatoly
Adress: rooms 513, 521, build. 7, 37, prosp. Peremohy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Telephone: 204-90-22
e-mail: fs[at]

Departments of Faculty of Sociology and Law

Graduation departments:

General departments:

FSL Logothis faculty was set in 1996 (till 2007 – sociology faculty). Here are trained specialists of management, social work and law. Specialists in administrative management and social work are involved in planning, organization of labor, collection and processing of information, innovation, research of social structure, levels and forms of human activity in different socio-cultural, regional, national conditions, implementation of social services and population protection, giving qualified support to various social, age, ethnic groups, and individuals. They work in social planning and social policy in organizations and institutions of all forms of property, as well as public organizations.

During the studying process lawyer students acquire thorough knowledge in the sphere of criminal, customs, administrative, civil, labor, economic, environmental, financial and international law, intellectual property law, notary and arbitration process. After graduation they work successfully in law enforcing bodies, bodies of public administration, legal practice, in bank institutions and legal services of state enterprises and commercial institutions.

Graduates work in social planning and politics spheres, high and secondary education institutions, in organizations and institutions of all property categories in addition to public organizations.

Terms of study:

Bachelor’s degree program (BD) – 4 years (for correspondent students 4,5); Specialist’s degree program (SD) – 1 year (for correspondent students 1); Master’s Degree program (MD) – 1,5 years (for correspondent students 1,5).

Applicants may apply for the Bachelor’s degree program specifying desirable specialty of the Master’s degree program. After obtaining Bachelor’s degree the applicants may enter Master’s or Specialists’ degree program on a competitive basis. Academic rights of the graduates of Master’s or Specialists’ degree programs include possibility to enter post-graduate study program in order to obtain academic degree of Candidate of Sciences (PhD).

Directions and specialties of study at FSP

  • Sociology (BD):
    • Sociology (MD)
  • Social work (BD):
    • Social work (MD)
  • Jurisprudence (BD):
    • Jurisprudence (MD)
  • Specific categories:
    • Administrative management (MD)

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