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Faculty of Management and Marketing

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 1, головний корпус КПІ, весна

Dean: Prof. Oleg Anatolіyovich Gavrish
Address: Room 237, Build.1, 37, Prosp.Peremohy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Telephone: 204-98-66, 204-98-67, 236-96-73
e-mail: fmm[at]
Faculty day: March 31

Departments of Faculty of Management and Marketing of IGOR SIKORSKY KYIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE

Logo FMM In order to deepen economic component of engineering training and considering the needs in qualified managerial personnel, in 1992 "KPI" established the Faculty of Management and Marketing. This decision was made from the long experience of organizational and economic training of students and creativity of the department of economics and production organization, whose activity dates back to 1934-1937 years.

Faculty trains highly qualified specialists in management, economics and entrepreneurship, which are capable of making decisions about personnel management, production, market, foreign economic activities and can ensure the effective functioning of national economics.

Terms of study: Bachelor’s degree program (BD) – 4 years (for correspondent students—4.5); Specialist’s degree program (SD) – 1.5 years; Master’s Degree program (MD) – 2 years.

Applicants may apply for the Bachelor’s degree program specifying desirable specialty of the Master’s degree program. After obtaining Bachelor’s degree the applicants may enter Master’s or Specialists’ degree program on a competitive basis. Academic rights of the graduates of Master’s or Specialists’ degree programs include possibility to enter post-graduate study program in order to obtain academic degree of Candidate of Sciences (PhD).

Directions and specialties study at the FMM of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

  • Economic Cybernetics (BD):
    • Economic Cybernetics (SD, MD)
  • International Economics (BD):
    • International Economics (SD, MD)
  • Enterprise Economics (BD):
    • Enterprise Economics (SD, MD)
  • Marketing (BD):
    • Marketing (SD, MD)
  • Human Resources and Labor Economics (BD)
  • Management (BD):
    • Establishment management (SD, MD)
    • Foreign trade management (SD, MD)
    • Management of innovation activities (SD, MD)
  • Specific categories (MD):
    • Innovation management (MD)

Full-time study – Room 239, Build.1, tel. 204-98-67
Learning simultaneously with work, transfer and renewal, second degree – Room 233, Build.1, tel. 204-85-10

professional scientific journal is published annually on the FMM since 2004 "Economic Journal of NTUU "KPI " (bulletin materials by 2015 -


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