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Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 1

Dean: Professor Gryhoriy Semenovych Tymchyk
Address:Room 209, 207, Build. 1, 37, Prosp. Peremohy, 56-Kyiv, 03056
Telephone number for information: 236-69-82, 204-96-17
e-mail: pbf[at]ntu-kpі.kі


DID logoFaculty of Instrumentation Engineering of the NTUU "KPI" was founded in 1962 on the base of gyroscope instruments and devices, and instruments of fine mechanics of KPI.

The Faculty trains specialists of design and maintenance of modern instruments and systems of different purposes, such as measuring equipment of onboard complexes, diagnostic complexes of medical and general welfare purposes, and monitoring devices of energy saving systems. Specialists gain deep knowledge and skills of using modern methods of making highly-precise instruments with the help of microprocessor- and computer technology, systems of computer-assisted design and computer graphics.

The graduates work at instrument design enterprises of air and space profile, enterprises of energy saving technologies implementation; enterprises of designing and implementation of modern medical and diagnostic, training and treatment complexes; and also at transport and printing enterprises.

Terms of specialists training: for Bachelors (b) – 4 years, for Specialists (s) – 1.5 years, and for Masters (m) – 2 years.

Entry application forms acceptance takes place according to the directions of specialists training of the educational and qualification level “Bachelor”, indicating desirable specialty of the educational and qualification level “Master”. Having got undergraduate higher education (Bachelor’s program – 4 years), graduates enroll the study on a competitive basis in the Master’s degree programs (2 years of study) to get the full higher education. The best graduates may continue studying in postgraduate training program to get an academic degree.

Specialists training directions and specialties at PBF

  • 6.052003 INSTRUMENT DESIGN (f, p)
    • 7.05100301, 8.05100301 Technology of Instrument Manufacturing (f)
    • 7.05100302, 8.05100302 Instruments and Systems of Fine Mechanics(f, p)
    • 7.05100303, 8.05100303 Instruments and Systems of Direction and Navigation(f)
    • 7.05100304, 8.05100304 Instruments and Systems of Ecological Monitoring(f, p)
    • 7.05100305, 8.05100305 Instruments and Systems of Nondestructive Control(f)
    • 7.05100306, 8.05100306 Information Technologies in Instrument Design(f)
    • 7.05100307, 8.05100307 Medical Instruments and Systems(f, p)
  • 6.052004 OPTICAL ENGINEERING (f)
    • 7.05100403, 8.05100403 Photonics and Optical Informatics (f)
    • 7.05100405, 8.05100405 Optoelectronic Instrument Design (f)

Instruments designed at the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering are used in many spheres of human activity, especially in aerospace and shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, and oil and gas industry. They are also used in railway service, robotics, engineering surveying, gravimetric measurements, bathyscaph design and boatbuilding industry, household sphere etc. These instruments are inertial raw data transducers and inertial systems designed on their base, instruments and measuring control systems of different physical measures (pressure, temperature, time, expenditures and sizes in instrument design), instruments and systems of infrared and night viewing, electro-optical transducers of angular and linear displacement, instruments and systems for analysis of elements in liquids and gas environments etc.

Raw data transducers and systems on their base are created and produced in the countries with highly-developed intellectual potential. Instrument design is a domain of developed high technologies the existence of which determines the intellectual potential of a country.


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