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Academic board

Address: 03056,Ukraine, Kyiv, Prospect Peremohy 3, building №1, room 158
telephone in case of query: (+38044) 204-82-62, 204-93-85,
Fax: (+38044) 204-82-62
scientific secretary: Doctor of Philosophy, assistant professor, Melnychenko Anatolii Anatoliyovych

The Academic board of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” is a collegiate authority of the university that is set up for the seven-year period.

The functions of the Academic board

The competences of the university Academic board are:

  • To prepare the university statute project, the changes and amendments to it, and to submit it to the conference of the university workforce;
  • to approve the university financial plan and report;
  • to make propositions to the rector concerning the appointment and dismissal from the post of vice-rector, chief accountant and the head of the library;
  • to elect the heads of departments and professors by secret voting;
  • to approve the syllabi and curricula;
  • to approve the resolutions concerning the organization of educational process;
  • to approve the main fields of scientific research;
  • to assess the scientific and educational work of the structural subdivisions;
  • to award the academic degrees of associate professor and professor of university;
  • to render decision on the candidates for academic degrees of associate professor, professor, research scientist;
  • to determine special fields and specializations, fields of training for professionals, their levels and extend;
  • to confirm the rules of the university admission;
  • to grant honorary titles conferred by the university;
  • to provide the university scholarship;
  • to hear the reports of vice-rectors and other managers of university structural subdivisions;
  • to provide confirmation of financial contribution norms by institutes, faculties, scientific and engineering centers and other university structural subdivisions to the university centralized funds .

the University Academic board considers other university work issues in accordance with the university statute.

The Academic board structure

The Academic board is headed by the rector of the university.

The University Academic board consists of the following posts: members of university administration, heads of department, institute managers, deans, head of Finance and Economics Division - Chief accountant, heads of student self- government authorities of the university 50 %, аlso 50 % delegates, elected among the heads of department, professors, doctors of science. Nevertheless, the total ratio of the Academic board must be the following: university scientific-educational workers – 75 % from the total number of the Academic board, 10 % – students, post-graduate students, doctoral students, 15 % – other categories of workers. Delegates being offered as candidates by their structural subdivisions are elected by the conference of the university workforce. The complete structure of the Academic board is confirmed by the university rector’s decree.

Academic board workflow management.

The Academic board’s meetings are taken place monthly. The meetings are chaired by the rector, in case of his absence, the vice-rector acts on his behalf.

The resolutions of the Academic board are advisory and are brought into action by the university rector’s decree.

from Academic board web-site Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


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