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Innovation Israel and specificity of building successful start up companies

2012.11.22 Ігор Пеєр прочитав лекцію на тему «Інноваційний Ізраїль та специфіка створення стартап-компаній»

On November 22, 2012 Mr. Igor Peer, Vice-president on Business Development at Gtherm Global LLC, a specialist of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Israel, visited National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Yu. Yakymenko, First Vice-rector of NTUU “KPI” informed guest about history of our university, research activity and main directions of innovative projects.
Mr. Igor Peer delivered a lecture to students and staff on "Innovation Israel and specificity of building successful start up companies". In his lecture, Mr. Peer told about current features of Israel's economy, its achievements, entrepreneurship, innovation support system as well as the specificity of building start up companies.

Igor Peer has fifteen years experience in the field of high technologies. From November 2010 he has been engaged in strategic planning, early stage development of start ups, business development and marketing in Gtherm Global LLC. Gtherm Global LLC is famous for developing an innovative technology that can increase the efficiency of geothermal energy of the earth, and reduce the cost of construction of geothermal power plants.


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