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Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering (CPSM), IHF

Training courses

  • Engineering training course - 6.050503 "Mechanical Engineering"
  • Specialty - 7.05050315 "Equipment of chemical productions and enterprises of building materials"
  • Specializations:

    • "Computer Aided Design systems of the equipment of building materials plants". – code of learning groups "ЛС"
    • "Computer design of machines and equipment for polymer composite reprocessing". - code of learning groups "ЛП"
    • "Resource-saving and diagnosis of building materials plants equipment". - code of learning groups "ЛД"
  • Engineering training course - 6.050502 “Engineering mechanics”
  • Specialty 7.05050206 “Packaging machinery and technologies” - code of learning groups "ЛУ"

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