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Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 19 весною / Автор: Іван Білич,

Dean: Doctor of Engineering Science, professor Panov Yevgen Mykolayovich
adress: Room 506, Build.19, 39, Polytekhnichna st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
telephone in case of query: 204-21-27; 204-90-01
Faculty day: april 29

Departments Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute:

CEF logo The faculty was established in 1938 due to the development of chemical and pulp industry, construction material industry, аnd also given the broad scientific research in the field of heat and mass transfer, creation of new machinery and technologies.

Faculty boasts trainings for authorities in machine engineering, efficient use of resources, ecology and computer integrated technologies, who could project, research and exploit technological processes, machinery and operation systems in chemical and petroleum refinery, construction material factories, pulp industries, polymer converter factories, environmental protection organizations.

Graduates work as managers of project developments and as leading authorities in exploitation of technological processes, equipment, automated control systems and program devices on enterprises of different types of ownership.

Term of apprenticeship: bachelor’s degree (b) – 4 years; specialist’s degree (s) – 1,5 year; master’s degree (m) – 2 years (period of study on bachelor’s program і і в master’s program).

Admission of applications is performed with accordance to the fields of specialist trainings of bachelor’s degree with the indication of desirable specialization of master’s degree in applications. After junior university degree (bachelor’s degree – 4 years) graduates are enrolled on the competitive terms in the course of master’s program (2 years of study) to get a complete higher education.

Our best graduates could continue their study in postgraduate training center to hold an academic degree.

Fields and specialties of FCE authority trainings

    • 7/ 8.04010601 ecology and environmental protection (д, з)
    • 7/ 8.05020201 Automation operation of technological processes (д, з)
  • 6.050502 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (д, з)
    • 7/ 8.05050206 machines and technologies of packaging (д, з)
  • 6.050503 MACHINE ENGINEERING (д, з)
    • 7/ 8.05050303 timber complex machinery (д)
    • 7/ 8.05050315 chemical industry and construction material factories machinery (д, з)
  • 6.051301 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (д, з)
    • 7/ 8.05130110 chemical technologies of wood and vegetal resources processing (д, з)

Under the faculty there is „Research-and-development center of resource –saving technologies” –


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