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Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 20

Dean: Professor Alexander Stanislavovych Yandulskyy
Address: Room 238, 322, Educational Building 20, Polytechnique str., 37, Kyiv-56, 03056,
Full-time education deanery: 204-92-39, Extramural education deanery: 204-92-40
e-mail: fea[at]ntu-kpі.kі

Departments of Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

FEA logotype History of Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics begins from the earliest days of the Polytechnic Institute with creation of the laboratory of Electrical Engineering and simultaneously a scientific school of electrical engineering of professors M.A. Artemyev and A.A. Sokolov. The decision to open the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was published in the form of government regulation of Hetman Skoropadskiy administration at August 31, 1918

During its development department changed its name several times: Electrical Engineering (ETF), Power Engineering (EJF), after separation on two faculties - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering Department, and in 1988 these departments were united again in the Department of Electric Power Engineering and Automation (FEA).

Faculty trains specialists for modern technologically advanced field of electric power and electrical engineering, which are capable to develop, design and operate modern electric power and electromechanical systems, to do management of technological processes of electric power enterprises and their automation based on widespread use of information and computer systems.

Time of training: Bachelor - 4 years; Master - 2 years.

Graduates work as directors and leading specialists of structural units of power distribution companies, energy unions and systems, scientific research and project - designing establishments, electrical engineering industrial establishments of various forms of ownership in Ukraine and abroad.

Time of training: bachelor (b) - 4 years; Specialist (s) - 1.5 years, Master (m) - 2 years. (Normativ time of training at bachelor and magistracy)

Entry applications reception is done for educational qualification level "bachelor" with indication of the desired specialty for educational qualification level "Master". After receiving basic higher education (Bachelor - 4 years) graduates are enrolled on a competitive basis to study under a master programs (2 years) for complete higher education. Top graduates can continue their education in graduate school for a scientific degree.

Majors and specialties of education at FEA Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

  • 6.050701 Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technology (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070101 Power Stations (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070102 Electrical Systems and Networks (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070102 Engineering and High Voltage Electrophysics (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070102 Control system of production and distribution of electricity (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070102 Alternative and renewable energy sources (f)
  • 6.050702 Electrical Mechanics (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070201 Electrical machinery and apparatus (f, e)
    • 7 (8) .05070204 Electromechanical automation systems and electric drive(f, e)

Scientific research of department focuses on three areas:

  1. Fundamental research of major problems of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities;
  2. New technologies and alternative technologies in the energy sector;
  3. New computer tools and information technologies.

There is a research laboratory of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine at faculty, which is engaged in the development and implementation of modern information technology in the management of grids of higher voltage class for the purpose of energy conservation, improvement of the quality of electricity and problem of market regulation and relations between consumers and electricity producing and electricity supplying companies in Ukraine.


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