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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": 8.3. Peculiarities of organization of educational process externs

External students of the University enrolled citizens of Ukraine who have complete secondary education or higher education.

The teaching in the external studies carried out on the basis of agreements between NTUU "KPI" and enterprises, institutions, organizations, citizens.

The basis for the enrollment of outside contractors is the availability of relevant certificates external independent evaluation (for the first higher education), or a document on higher education; agreement and individual training plan of extern (Appendix B).

The order of admission of students to study in the first year of externship is issued separately by the admissions Committee on the basis of the contract, the approved individual educational plan and the payment of the first cash payment.

Enrolled external students, shall be issued a record book of the established sample, on the title sheet of which is marked "extern".

The extern shall timely and accurately perform all the requirements of the individual educational plan, adhering to the Statute of NTUU "KPI" and internal Regulations of NTUU "KPI".

Benefits as defined by applicable law for students enrolled in institutions of higher education, externs do not apply. Extern is entitled to the conditions specified in the agreement, to use the library's resources, educational programs and methodical materials of a higher educational institution, educational laboratory equipment, technical means, to get advice. Extern, subject to the successful implementation of individual educational plan may be transferred to the number of students on the free space available on a common basis.

The training of extern is under the individual curriculum drawn up on the basis of the curriculum of the respective specialty with respect of the volume of academic disciplines and structural-logical sequence of their study. The outside contractors may undergo military training (in full-time education), subject to the conclusion of the respective contract.

Individual curriculum is compiled as an external student in consultation with the relevant Department and approved by the Director of Institute/Dean of the faculty. The individual educational plan of extern is compiled for each academic year within the first month of the school year.

The duration of the externship to obtain a certain extent not regulated by the normative duration of studies, as determined by the capabilities of extern to master the necessary volume of educational content for those who receive the first higher education, individual plans are prepared on the regulatory implementation period of the curriculum, but not less than one semester program.

Monitoring of learning outcomes externs includes tests, exams, graduation certification, and other forms of control stipulated by the curriculum. The outside contractors pass tests and exams in all subjects in volume of training programs approved for the profession of the respective VBOs.

Offset of results of earlier external tests and examinations carried out by the Director of Institute/Dean of the faculty, provided identical names, scope of academic discipline and the forms of final control. In other cases, the question of transfer of results of tests and examinations is decided by the relevant departments subject to compliance program requirements for these disciplines.

Tests and exams the outside contractors are, as a rule, in the examination period. To the extern permitted to take the test or exam, the Dean's office issued a certification sheet set form. Assessment sheets are recorded in a separate book with the number and date of issue, the names of the extern and the name of the discipline, for which there is a control measure.

Exam (test) assessment is recorded in the attestation sheet and record book of extern. Qualification list of extern after the date of the test or examination is kept in his personal file.

Examination (test) score entered into the attestation letter and the record book externa. Certifying letter externa standings after assembly or test him kept in his personal file.

In the case of an external student during the exam or credit deficient are allowed a single re-exam (offset) within the period specified the head of Department within the school year. Externally receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation or failure to appear for the exam (credit) in the period from one or more disciplines does not deprive the right of extern training in the externship during the school year.

Individual curriculum the next academic year for externs who have an unsatisfactory evaluation and other academic debts is based on debts and continue learning without disrupting the structural-logical sequence of study disciplines.

 When you run an external course project/work or a diploma project (diploma thesis, master thesis) to provide scientific and methodological assistance may be appointed as supervisor (the consultant) from among scientific and pedagogical staff of the relevant Department.

Externs who work on the chosen specialty or have relevant practical experience are exempt from the requirement of professional practice. In other cases, an external professional practices are appropriate for the program for full-time study.

Base of practice is determined by the issuing Department or is elected as an external student with the approval of the Department. The results of the implementation of practices and the evaluation are conducted by the relevant departments of the University.

 Final exams and defense of diploma projects (theses, master's theses) are held on a common basis examination in the term determined by the curriculum in accordance with this regulation.

 The extern who has fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum, there was a graduation certification, provided the appropriate educational program, the decision of the examination Committee awarded the relevant degree of higher education, is assigned to the appropriate qualifications and the diploma of the appropriate degree.

 The number of persons who received the degree from higher education through an externship in the reporting school year, is reflected in the statistical report on form 2-3 NC "Report of the higher education institutions at the beginning of the school year" in the "Released...". The number of externs in the total number of release stated as notes to this form.

The extern are expelled from the University for violation of the terms of the agreement on tuition if, after the end of the school year more than two unsatisfactory grades, as well as for violation of internal Regulations of NTUU "KPI" and get with the academic inquiry of the established sample.

 The outside extern may be enrolled in external studies at University or other higher educational institution running in General terms.

Temporary regulation about organization of educational process in NTUU «KPI» [Text] / Sig.: V.P. Holovenkin (sec.: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnychenko (sec.: 9, 11); by gen. edit. Y.I. Yakymenko. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. - 102 p.


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