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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in the NTUU "KPI": 9.4. Admission of students to study

To NTUU "KPI" accepts citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine, persons in need of additional or temporary protection and persons granted the status of foreign Ukrainian and staying in Ukraine on legal grounds, have appropriate education (degree, education level) and wish to pursue higher education.

The admission to university for all levels of higher education is conducted according with the Rules of admission to NTUU "KPI" which  annually approved by the Academic Council of the University and published on a .

In education for reception the degree of Bachelor accepted the persons with full secondary education the results of external testing of knowledge and skills of entrants of their creative and / or physical abilities (entrance exams) in the cases specified Admission NTUU "KPI" for the average marks of the document of secondary education and marks for special achievements.

The University accepts for the first year (for individual training programs) persons who received education and qualification level of junior specialist, a certain number of places to obtain a bachelor's degree, provided entry to related specialty.

The University can accepts people who have received basic or complete higher education to obtain a bachelor's degree in another specialty within the licensed number of  vacant seats. The question of admission to the education of such persons (other than in the competitive selection for admission to first year) examines educational-methodical complex "Institute for Postgraduate Education" (deaneries relevant institutions / faculties).

All applicants enjoy equal rights regardless of their sex, race, nationality, social and property status, type and nature of occupation, belief, religion, place of residence and other circumstances. Restrictions are allowed only for medical reasons.

Preferential conditions for admission to certain categories of applicants and the corresponding quota of seats are determined annually in Admission NTUU "KPI". The volume of preparation of specialists in the specialties and forms of education of each RVO financed from the state budget under the state contract, sets MES in coordination with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

The volume of preparation, funded by the local budget, set by the conclusion of appropriate agreements between the university and the local government executive.

The volume of industry demand, financed by funds of enterprises and organizations established by bilateral agreements between the University and the ministries, departments, enterprises, organizations and institutions.

Within the scope of licensed the university may take to prepare students for contracts at the expense of legal entities and individuals.

Admission to the master's degree training in certain specialty (specialization) based on the acquired Bachelor relevant specialty (specialization). In education for reception master's degree as well, to those who received education and qualification level of a specialist.

Allowed admission to master's training from undergraduate degrees gained in another specialty (specialization) provided additional successful passing of entrance examinations.

For the entrance examinations and competitive selection of the Masters Rector's order to create certifying commission of institutes / faculties, the relevant subcommittee specialties (majors) and foreign languages, which is a working authority of the Admission Board of the University. Head of the Certification Commission is director of the Institute / Faculty Dean, heads of sub specialties (majors) are appointed by the heads of relevant departments training engineers, and members - leading professors (lecturers), lecturer (research and teaching staff of other departments) and the curators of the academic groups.

Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI" [Text] / Comp.: V. P. Golovenkin (chapt.: 1-8,10,12), S.V. Melnechenko (chapt: 9,11); under the gen. edit. YU.I. Yakimenka.- K.: NTUU "KPI", 2015.-102 p.


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