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Faculty of heat power engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 5.

Decan: professor Evgen Mykolayovych Pysmenny
Address: Room 315, Build.5, 56, Politehnichna, Kiev
Phone: 204-80-98, 204-91-14
e-mail: tef[at]
Day of faculty: 27.12


  • Department of Nuclear Power Stations and Engineering Thermal Physics - NPSETP,
  • Department of Automation of Power Processes and Systems Engineering - APPSE,
  • Department of Automation of Heat and Power Engineering Processes - AHPEP,
  • Department of Cogeneration Installations of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants - CITNPP,
  • Department of  Theoretical and Industrial Heat Engineering - TIHE,

Logotype ТЕФThe Faculty of heat power engineering, as independent subdivision of TEF, was founded in 1931 but its roots goes back to times of famous names heating engineers of the beginning of the XX century - professors A.A.Radtsig and O.Y.Stupina. The faculty prepares power engineering specialist, research and automation of heat power processes, computer technologies in power engineering, which are capable to project, operate, adjust the power equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants, the modern computerized control and management systems of the enterprises of a power complex.

Graduates work in engineering and management positions of energy subdivisions of the industrial enterprises, ТЕС and АЕС, project and research institutes of the NAN of Ukraine, administrators of information and computer systems of networks in the public, private, scientific, production institutions and firms.

Preparation terms: bachelor (b) - 4 years; Specialist (s) - 1.5 years, Master (m) - 2 years.

Reception of statements for receipt is in the directions of training of specialists of the educational and qualification bachelor level indicating the specialty educational qualification of "Master". After receiving basic higher education ( bachelor degree - 4 years) graduates are enlisted on a competitive basis on training according to programs of the master (2 years of training) for receiving full higher education. The best graduates can continue training in postgraduate study for receiving a scientific degree.

The directions and specialties of training of specialists on TEF.

  • 6.050101 COMPUTER SCIENCE (д)
  • 7/8.05010102 Information Technologies (д)
  • 7/8.05010105 Computer ecological and economic monitoring(д)
  • 6.050103 PROGRAM ENGINEERING (д, з)
    • 7/8.05010301 Software systems (д)
    • 7/8.05010302 Engineering software (д)
    • 7.05020201 Automated control by technological processes (д, з)
    • 7.05020202 Computer integrated technological processes and productions (д)
    • 8.05020201 Automated control by technological processes (д)
    • 8.05020202 Computer integrated technological processes and productions (д)
  • 6.050601 HEAT AND POWER ENGINEERING (д, з)
    • 7/8.05060101 Heat and power engineering (д)
    • 7/8.05060102 Thermal physics(д)
    • 7.05060103 Thermal Power Plants (д, з), 8.05060103 Thermal Power Plants (д)
  • 6.050603 ATOMIC ENERGY (д)
    • 7/8.05060301 Atomic energy (д)
    • 7/8.05060401 Boilers and reactors (д)
  • Secondary education.

    Within work of the Intersectoral Institute of Postdegree Education at the Department implemented specialist training in the following specialties:

  • Profession“Atomic energy” – department АЕС та ІТФ, тел.: 204-96-04
  • Profession “Boilers and reactors ” - кафедра АЕС та ІТФ, тел.: 204-96-04
  • Profession " Thermal Power Plants " - department ТЕУТ та АЕС, phone: 204-96-04
  • Profession " Heat and power engineering " - department ТПТ, phone: 204-90-92
  • Profession "Automated control by technological processes" - department АТЕП, phone: 204-96-04
  • Preparation terms:

    • 2 years on the basis of higher education
    • 4 years on the basis of secondary special education

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