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The project of young scientists of the FCT - the winner of the MES competition

Колектив авторів проекту. Зліва направо Г.С. Васильєв, Я.Ю.Лопатіна,  Т.С.Жук,  В.І.Воробйова, А.А.Новосад

Six projects submitted by young scientists of the Igor Sikorsky KPI received the state funding according to the results of the competition, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2017. The highest rating among them (79.7 points) has the project "Highly effective modification of the metal surface by environmentally safe compounds for the provision of new functional properties", executed under the leading of Associate Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances, Ph.D. Tatyana Sergeyevna Zhuk.

The main component for obtaining funding and the basis for the high rating of the project was the scientific cooperation of the authors' group. So, the main performers of the work are the employees of the chemical and technological faculty: assistant of the chair of technology of electrochemical manufactures Ph.D. Georgy Stepanovich Vasiliev and Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Chemistry Ph.D. Victoria Ivanovna Vorobyova. To accomplish the tasks of the project, the team of authors was joined by a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Radioconstruction and Production of Radio Equipment of the Radio Engineering Department, Andrei Anatolievich Novosad and a junior researcher of the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yaroslava Yuriyevna Lopatina.

Each of the authors is a leading specialist in their field. So, T.S. Zhuk developed effective, highly selective methods for obtaining various classes of organic substances, in particular derivatives of diamondoids. G.S. Vasiliev developed methods for increasing corrosion resistance of the steel by electrochemical introduction of magnesium cations, hydrodynamic conditions and the formation of carbonate oxides on the surface under ultrasonic cavitation conditions. V.I. Vorobyova developed resource-saving methods of creating on the surface of steel protective plies from the vapor phase of extracts of various types of plant raw materials. With the participation of A.A. Novosad was developed highly effective equipment for ultrasonic cavitation treatment, including for machining the metal surface. Y. Y. Lopatina conducted studies on ultrathin plies of organic molecules, in particular thiols and alkanes, on atomic-smooth surfaces.

The project is aimed at the complex solution of energy and resource saving problems by extending the service life of metal equipment and reducing energy costs as a result of functional modification of working metal and metal oxide surfaces. The objectives of the project are to obtain substances for functional modification of the metal surface: derivatives of diamondoids and extracts of plant material; functional modification of the metal surface of derivatives of diamondoids, extracts of plant material, natural components of the corrosive medium in and without the ultrasound field; studying the structure and properties of the modified surface and determining the patterns of formation of a protective layer on the metal surface.

We hope that the experience of scientific cooperation of the Faculty of Chemical Technology will be a useful example for young scientists of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and will contribute to the further victories of our young researchers.

In the photo: Team of the authors of the project. From left to right G.S. Vasiliev, Y.Y.Lopatina, T.S.Zhuk, V.I.Vorobiova, A.A. Novosad
(Переклад Цвик Н.П. ЛА-42)


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