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Viktor Ivakhnenko - three-time European champion among students!

2017.04.28-05.01 Віктор Івахненко на чемпіонаті Європи з гирьового спорту

Fourth-year student of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Viktor Ivakhnenko again won the championship of Europe among students in the weight category up to 70 kg at the European Championship in kettlebell sport that was held in Pécs (Hungary), from April 28 to May 1. Athletes from 12 countries were participating in the competition. However, Viktor has proved that there is no wonder why he is considered to be the best. This is the third victory on the Student championship of the continent! He raised in a long cycle push two dumbbells weighing 24 kilograms for 94 times. It is only for 2 rises less than the European record.

It should be noted that April, in general, became fruitful for the competitions and victories for Viktor because he also won the open championship of the Igor Sikorsky KPI in weight lifting in the weight category up to 75 kilograms. In this tournament, held in the University Sports Complex on April 20, five teams were participating – National Academy of Internal Affairs, the O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University (team “A/K TONUS”), the Igor Sikorsky KPI, SEI “Kyiv professional college with intensive military and physical training" and NGO "Oleg’s shield." Interestingly, that for the first time Viktor had a rather unusual role for himself at this competition since he was not only participant but also one of main event organizer.


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