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They are proud of IEE

Кампус КПІ. Артстіна - ІЕЕ

It's nice when your department (institute) is called among the best in the university. There are many criteria for comparison. In particular, the successful performances of pupils in competitions and interesting professional publications, presence of registered scholars and others.

Students IEE questioned his colleagues - Alina Boyko, sholar of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and Andrew Olefir, Rector Scholar - how to become successful in youth. Here are their stories.


- Alina, you're very attractive, sensitive and sociable, to communicate with you on any topic - pleasure. How difficult were the years of "keep the brand" and study only the top five?

- Of course, something is not taken out of nowhere, you need to make an effort. As the saying goes: to eat the fish, the water must climb. For example, to get a scholarship Dmitry Andrievsky, you need at least three semesters to obtain a higher stipend.

Also scholarships for studies not only need to keep active in the university  (for example, engage in any circle, part of the organizers of student life, etc.).

And, of course, a lot depends on the competitiveness of your achievements compared with the achievements of students with you applied for a scholarship.

- You take part in any circle?

- Yes, I am member of the People Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic". Recently the ensemble celebrated its 70th anniversary. There were many guests, together we had a great concert.

- What would you advise could (wish) younger colleagues?

- Younger students advise relate to learning how to work responsibilities - so it will be easier to accept a job in the future and bring learning pleasure.

- We wish you dreams and implementation of good friends and mentors in life.

- Andrew, or the years it was difficult to "pull" not to get any three? For many students, even "ordinary" scholarships have?

- It should seek to "excellent" and the "satisfactory" just work. Get the "three ways" for business - unpleasant, but - he earned. Even from the beginning of the first semester, I said to myself, "Why not? I'll try!" Sitting on the front desk, listening to lectures (and they do have interesting and useful) ... because I knew what it was doing.

- What influenced your choice of profession?

- I am a mining engineer - and that's it. All engineering profession came from my own. Even the famous engineer Archimedes would turn the world in search of "a foothold" and we with our specialty Mining can turn the earth and the mountains several times a day.

- What attracted you KPI?

- I had to watch a lot of students who have their hobbies, case for the soul. I believe that the University should choose to the call of your heart to go where able to develop in you an interesting direction. I know philologists, who dreamed of becoming engineers, some programmers who wanted to become a mechanic. They were guided by their inner calling and has not yet found himself. When choosing a school, guided to train engineering and no regrets. This is evident by my estimates, and the interest in research.

- How is your life in IEE?

- From the date of knowledge of students met with an incredible number of new individuals with different interests in different areas. If you try yourself in different directions, then eventually, find something that would do, and come in a socially active environment.

- Which university events in which you participated, remembered the most?

- Many take time research (articles, conferences nationwide student research, etc.), also in the name of IEE conquers mountain peaks (hello "Globe") and sing in the choir KPI. Most memorable, perhaps, walk quarry in Krivoy Rog in 2015. This was after the competition of scientific research, where I won first place in Ukraine. Next year our team repeated the victory.

- How did you become interested in science?

- With IEE I was lucky. Since the first year we were offered many opportunities to implement our ideas into practice. We were on the way to the formation of common physical and mathematical models to their implementation. Institute gave me an incredible amount of opportunities to express themselves in academic and applied field.

- Is it difficult to study here?

- Learn to walk to school, traveling the internet in search of interesting information and seek new knowledge - difficult but interesting. It depends on the person, not from teachers who are sometimes accused of failure to interested students.

- Who supported you inspired?

- Great support in my research gave my department Geobuilding and mining technologies. Not all universities can meet people who live their profession and are willing to work with students outside the classroom. Special thanks to my supervisor, Professor N.V.Zuyevskiy. Not because mining that it leads us to my profile subject. She is a teacher who believes in students, and student teaching.

Sooner or later the industry in Ukraine will start to develop, will enter the high-tech level, and I hope that this will take an active part.

Anna Onishchenko,  Victoria Ivanova, IEE


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