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[05-09/06/2017] V international conference “Intelligent power grids”

[05-09.06.2017] V міжнародна конференція «Інтелектуальні енергетичні системи»

Welcome to take part in V international conference “Intelligent power grids” that will be hold from 5th to 9th June, 2017, Kyiv city, Ukraine.

V international conference “Intelligent power grids – ESS’17” is devoted to scientific, engineering and economic problems of construction of intelligent power systems – Smart Grid that play major role in efficiency increase of the power industry in terms of the whole country.

At the beginning of XXI century dramatic changes in power industry development strategy took place and these changed meet demands of sustainable development provision. Intelligent power industry became vector for energy policies of many countries.

Creation of intelligent power grids is the modernization of the whole complex of power generation and supply on the basis of modernized management, protection, optimization of engineering elements of power supply system in their interconnection – from centralized and distributed generation, high voltage power transmission, its distribution, automation systems, and protection devices to ultimate users. Intelligent power grids provide high efficiency of power grids operation and enable to increase reliability and efficiency of the whole system operation at the expenses of consumption regulation, monitoring and dynamic control of two-line flows of energy in real time. Application of intelligent energy technologies provides better adjustment to power grids of intermittent and dynamic character of distributed generation and unconventional and renewable energy sources.

Conference “Intelligent power grids – ESS’17” is international forum where scientists, production workers will be able to exchange new researches and experience of constructing and operation activity of intelligent power grids.

The conference will enable not only to exchange experience, gain new valuable connections but also familiarize with unique historical places of Kyiv city, admire picturesque views of Kyivshchyna – beautiful and blessed region of Ukraine.

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