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Fixing of specialties and specializations on ISSZI departments

The annex to the order No. 1-206 from 9/30/2016.

Department / Department Head (name, phone number., office., building) Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty, name of specialization Degree ON (ROC) licensed volume (amount)
full-time part-time
No. 5 SK "Cyber security and use of the information automated systems and technologies"
" Dr.Sci.Tech., prof. Subach Igor Yuryevich, t. 204-91-51, to. 414-27
12 Information Technology 122 Computer sciences and information technologies

Information managing directors of system and technology (in the field of special communication and information security)
B 50 -
M 25 -
S 50 15
No. 1 SK of "Safety of the state information resources"
Dr.Sci.Tech., prof. Oleksiychuk Anton Nikolaevich, t. 204-91-51, to. 515-27
12 Information Technology 125 Cyber security
Safety of the state information resources
B 110 20
М 35 -
S 50 -
No. 3 SK "Application of means spetsialnikhtelekomunikatsiynikh of systems"
Dr.Sci.Tech., prof. Yerokhin Victor Fedorovich, t. 204-91-51, to. 307-27
17 Electronics and telecommunications 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering
Special telecommunication
B 50 20
M 20 -
S 50 -
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