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Ivitskyy Igor: The youth have someone to look up to

Івіцький Ігор Ігорович

This story about a young scientist Igor Ivitskyy from IHF. Hard-working and inquisitive young man attracted attention when he was student. He studied at the department of chemical, polymer and silica engineering "KPI" specialty "Computer design of machines and equipment for processing of polymer composite materials." In 2012 he received a master's degree. Parallel earned a second degree at the National Aviation University, specialty "Computer systems and networks", receiving a specialist diploma. Two-time became a Fellow of the Kiev mayor.

Young specialist wanted to express himself in a particular case, so after graduation he settled in JSC "SPE" Bolshevik "as an engineer-designer category 1 for newly established technical office innovative equipment, where along with other graduates of KPI involved in the design and simulation of modern processing equipment for industry.

Natural curiosity did not allow calm down. He wanted to more deeply understand the features of the technological processes of polymers. So he immediately went to graduate school, during study in which he began working at the Department of СPSM as assistant, and now - senior lecturer. In June 2016 under the direction of c.t.s. Associate Professor O. L. Sokolskyy he defended his thesis on "Multidecks effects in the process of flow polymers in channels of processing equipment."

Scientific achievements have appreciated by colleagues, recognizing the work results important for the theory and practice of processing of polymeric materials and recommended it for use in polymer engineering and in the learning process.

Along with the scientific research Igor Igorovych conducts active educational activities. He
developed the lecture course; laboratory and practical classes, created laboratory installations from
professional disciplines. Under his leadership, students of the department successfully defend diploma.

In particular, his team showed good results in engineering competition "European BEST Engineering Competition". By the way, while still a student in 2011, Igor Igorovych was the captain of the national team of the University, which ranked first on the national stage of the same competition and represent Ukraine at the all-European final in Turkey, entered the top five teams in Europe.

Igor Igorovych conducts research work concerning the development of intelligent polymer composite materials and studies the properties of the nanomodified polymer compositions. He is the author of 47 scientific publications, including an article in the foreign publication, 9 articles in professional journals, 10 patents of Ukraine for utility models and 27 publications in collections of conference proceedings. He takes an active part in the scientific conference, held at the department.

As it is known, our university is a participant in the Microsoft IT Academy - an international program to support teachers who conduct classes with the study and use of Microsoft software and training IT professionals in educational institutions, and provides access to advanced IT courses and certification. In July 2016, under this program, successfully passed the qualification exam I.I.Ivitskyy has received an international certificate of teacher - Microsoft Certified Educator. Igor Igorovych is also one of the few in the Ukraine, who is a certified specialist in information technology and Internet marketing company Google Inc.

In addition to the basic work Igor Igorovych admires and is actively engaged in the creation of sites, their promotion and Internet marketing. In 2015 he created and actively developing new site of СPSM Department, which took second place in the Site of our university. In the 2014-2015 Igor Igorovych passed training in the Committee on Information and Communication Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In 2015 the scientist became the winner of "KPI" in the nomination "Young teacher-researcher". Our youth have someone to look up to.

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