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The meeting of university-participants of the project upon the EU ERASMUS+ program

2016.04.05 Зустріч університетів-учасників проекту за програмою  ЄС ERASMUS+

The first session in terms of the meeting of university-partners taking part in the project “The development of network infrastructure for the support of junior entrepreneurship on the FABLAB platform” upon the EU ERASMUS+ program was hold in April, 5.

Fablab (after English - fabrication laboratory) is the workshop offering the participants the opportunity to implement their ideas connected with the manufacturing with the help of modern equipment. The main principle of the laboratory is the accessibility for those who deal with investment activity. Fablabs are equipped with the cross functional computerized equipment and recently primarily with 3D printers. Owing to the high cost of such technology, the creation of fablab is not cheap, especially for Ukrainian higher educational establishments. Thus, to make the process cheaper and put it into practice successfully, a few Ukrainian universities were formed into consortium. It also included the universities from countries of Western Europe since one of the major requirements for taking part in such projects is the participation of universities from state members of European Union ERASMUS+ program.

Thus, representatives from university of Great Britain, Portugal, France, Spain, Denmark and Byelorussia came to KPI. Certainly, the project participants from Ukrainian side – fellow workers form Kharkiv national university of economics named after Semen Kuzhets, Ternopil national technical university named after Ivan Puliui and surely Institute of applied system analysis of National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute” took part in first partner’s session. The participants discussed the issues of cooperation in terms of the project intended for 3 years. Besides, general director of Scientific Park “Kyiv polytechnics” Volodymyr Grant spoke about innovative environment created in KPI, its work and projects being realized in it.

According to the meeting program, further work of consortium members will take place in the laboratories of the Institute of applied system analysis of NTUU “KPI” and will end in April, 6.


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