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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": 12. Working Hours’ Planning for Academic Staff

Academic staff working hours’ amount to 36 hours per week (shortened work time). It includes the time for educational methodical scientific and organizational work and other work responsibilities. Scientific staff working hours includes the time for scientific work, researches, consulting, expert and organizational work and other work responsibilities.  

Individual working plan of an academic worker is the main document that defines his work organization during the academicals year.

Working schedule of academic staff is defined by the class hours and consulting schedule, timetable of monitoring procedures and other kinds of activities under the individual working plan of an academic worker for the academic year. The time of performing the activities are not included into the schedule or monitoring procedures timetable is determined in accordance with the procedure settled by the higher education establishment talking into account the peculiarities of the specialty and mode of attendance. An academic worker must follow to the establishment working schedule.   

Scientific methodical, organizational and educational work is planned and registered in the corresponding sections of the academic worker’s individual plan for the academic year. The specific results are mentioned.

The lists of basic types of methodical, scientific, organizational and educational work of academic staff are approximate and may be supplemented with another of work by the decision of the department.

The volume of Academic NPP in accounting hours is their workload, which is defined for a specific scientific and academic worker (within minimum and maximum) it depend on fulfillment of technical, scientific, organizational and educational work and the characteristics and structure of the course and the number of subjects which he teaches. This concerns to disciplines that are only being implemented and need of scientific and pedagogical worker significant time to develop the lectures and appropriate methodologies.

The maximum workload of academic staff by one rate should not exceed 600 hours per academic year (Art. 56 of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education").

Minimum workload NPP, working full time, is:

  • Assistant professor - 550 hours;
  • Senior Lecturer - 500 hours;
  • Associate Professor, PhD - 450 hours;
  • Professor, Doctor of Science - 400 hours. 

Minimum workload of head of department, professor (docent) - 350 (400) hours.

Academic staff, highly skilled specialists, who involved in educational work on terms of staffing combining 0.5 (0.25) rates, work is planned at the rate of average weekly duration 18 (9) hours with a proportional reduction of the maximum and minimum mandatory amount workload and other works.

In determining the individual plans of academic staff, the head of the department should consider the features of each type of work and to ensure optimal use of the creative potential of every scientific and academic worker. Lecturing should be planned only by professors and associate professors in the amount of not less than 100 hours per academic year. Engaging lectures senior teachers may, as an exception, without permission from the director of the institute / dean for the current academic year. It is advisable to plan practical lecturer, seminar and laboratory classes with at least one group of academic lectures flow.

Individual plans are all academic staff (full-time, part-working with hourly) considered at the meeting and signed by the Department Chair. Individual plan signed by head of the department director of the Institute / Dean of Faculty.

The reason for workload planning of academic worker is data for calculation of academic work that deaneries to March 30 to give the department that provide teaching relevant disciplines.

The departments on the basis of data for calculation of academic work performed calculation of workload for all types of academic work and developed "Plan workload of teaching staff of the department." Plan workload of teaching staff of the department to the new school year before September 1, submitted to the Studies Department of the University.

Calculation of time NNP conducted in accordance with the Regulations on planning and accounting teaching load of teachers. Standard time for calculation of academic work are required, change these rules or to add other types of training unacceptable.

The workload is calculated based on astronomical hours (60 minutes), in addition to classroom training, where academic hour (45 minutes) counts as registration dates.

When completing the section "Educational work" needs to be distributed class periods with budget and contract students, including foreign students. If the employment contract with the students are held in separate academic groups, the calculation workload of academic worker is for all types of planned educational work. When training contract students in total flows (academic groups) calculation is made only by type of individual work with the student NPP (exams, semester test individual tasks) and proportion contract students - from consultation and tests.

For the period of travel, illness, exposure to advanced training, etc. scientific and pedagogical worker shall be released from all contracts provided for individual work plan. Installed it in this period the workload performed by other national parks department within the 36-hour maximum working week and workload by reducing the amount of their methodical, scientific and organizational work or by engaging in a certain order of teaching staff hourly wages. After the academic worker to work for the period remaining until the end of the school year, it determined the appropriate amount of workload and methodical, scientific and organizational work within the 36-hour working week.

Implementation of individual plans NPP should be checked periodically through discussion at a meeting of a critical assessment of the quality of performance of each activity, demand personal explanation of each performer causes of low quality, untimely fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the plan.

Accounting Academic NPP carried out the actual amount of time. At the end of the academic year head of the department is required to assess the quality of each individual plan of scientific and pedagogical work and make an entry in the "Conclusions head of the department of the individual plan."

In summarizing the results of the academic year at the department meeting of the implementation of individual plans of scientific and pedagogical staff is one of the principal.

Report on the workload of academic staff of the department for academic year submitted to the Studies Department of the University to 1 July. Report on the workload on operating the contract submitted by students after each semester.

Temporary regulation about organization of educational process in NTUU «KPI» [Text] / Sig.: V.P. Holovenkin (sec.: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnychenko (sec.: 9, 11); by gen. edit. Y.I. Yakymenko. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. - 102 p.


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