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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": 9.7. Inclusive education

The purpose of inclusive education in NTUU "KPI" is equal access to quality education to persons with learning disabilities by means of the organization of their web-based learning of application of personal focused teaching methods inclusive of their specific features.

Competitors of education with special educational needs are persons with violations of psychophysical development (a hearing disorder, sight, the speech, locomotorium, etc.) to which training on the chosen specialty (specialization) isn't contraindicated and  demand creation of special conditions for training.

Formation of conditions for receiving by the person with special educational needs of quality education is directed to NTUU "KPI" on:

  1. Expansion of access to qualitative higher education using state-of-the-art IT solutions.
  2. Realization of a personal approach to learning process as consistent with particularity and possibility each such student
  3. Developments related to resources are improving for education.
  4. Formation in advanced student of the positive attitude becoming with learning disabilities.

9.7.1 Main line of work

Main line of work  in organization of teaching process of person with learning disabilities in university are:

  1. Providing information about university and learning environment
  2. Assignment additory facility computerized program forstarblind hearing augmentation system for hard of hearing special furniture for persons with musculoskeletal discorders.
  3. development of individual education program and analysis of their performance;
  4. applications of distance learning;
  5. usage of learning content for expansion of information, educational space and assignment additional teaching aids to students;
  6. introduction of outgoing tutorial workshop for teachers of university of methods of training of persons with special educational needs;
  7. monitoring of quality of training of persons with special educational needs;
  8. Formation complex (technical, organizational, pedagogical, psychological, social)   support persons with special educational needs.

9.7.2. Features of the organization of educational process for persons with special educational needs.

Reception on training of persons with special educational needs is carried out according to Regulations of Admission in NTUU "KPI".

At the beginning of academic year on the letting-out chairs study the contingent of students with special educational needs which are enlisted on the first course, and also receive information from a selection committee of university on the available impairment of the function and special needs in the process of training.

Treachinf of persons with special educational needs is performed in accordance with education plan by training in the specialty (specialization) adequate of the higher education on condition of their adaptation to the resources and opportunities which are available in NTUU "KPI" to do education plan.

Depending on individual cases, taking into account specifications of students with special educational needs, it is possible training according to the individual plan or individual schedule. The individual schedule is given by the director the institute / dean of faculty over claim of the student in the presence of recommendations of health care facility who is letting out chairs and the curator of the academic group.

The organization of educational process (theoretical training, epoch-making and semestrial control, practical training, graduate certification of students, etc.), the realization of the academic rights of competitors of the higher education with special educational needs is carried out and is accompanied under the laws of in force from time to time, present regulations and other normative documents of university, the students regulating training student in NTUU "KPI".

Temporary regulation about organization of educational process in NTUU «KPI» [Text] / Sig.: V.P. Holovenkin (sec.: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnychenko (sec.: 9, 11); by gen. edit. Y.I. Yakymenko. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. - 102 p.


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