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Fixing of specialties and specializations at the departments of FMF

The annex to the order No. 1-206 from 9/30/2016.

Department / Department Head (name, phone number., office., building) Field of knowledge Code and name of specialty, name of specialization Degree Licensed volume
full-time part-time
Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory,
prof. Klesov Oleg Ivonovich, phone number –  204-97-40, build. 7, office 434
11 Mathematical statistics 111 Mathematics
Insurance and  financial mathematics
B 60 -
M 30 -
S 30 -
Department of General Physics and Solid State Physics,
prof. Gorshkov Viacheslav Michalovich, phone number – 204-81-24, building 7, office 205
10 Natural sciences 104 Physics and astronomy.
Computer modelling of physical processes.
B 60 -
M 30 -
S 30 -
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