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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in the NTUU "KPI": 10. The rights and obligations of scientific and pedagogical staff

Scientific-pedagogical staff (NPS) are persons who has the job in higher education conducting educational, methodical, scientific (scientific, technical, artistic) and organizational activities. Teaching staff are selected on a competitive individuals who have a scientific degree or academic title and persons with a master's degree. In some cases of failing to ensure the educational process existing staff vacant posts of teaching staff can be filled under a contract for the replacement of competitive positions in the current academic year.

10.1. Teaching staff rights

Teaching staff have the right of:

  • academic freedom realizing for the benefit of individuals, society and humanity in general;
  • academic mobility for professional activities;
  • the protection of professional honor and dignity;
  • participating in the management of the university including elect and being elected to the highest authority of public authorities University Academic Council or its structural unit;
  • choosing methods and means of learning providing high quality educational process;
  • ensuring the creation of appropriate conditions, improvement of their skills, recreation and life laid down by law and regulation the terms of individual employment contract and collective agreement;
  • free using of library, information resources, services, educational, scientific, sport, cultural and educational departments of the university;
  • protecting of intellectual property;
  • the training once a five years;
  • geting preferential long-term loans for construction (reconstruction) and purchase living in accordance with legislation;
  • participating in associations of citizens;
  • social and pension accordance with legislation;
  • other rights stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine the Law and the Statute of NTU "KPI".

10.2. Teaching staff duties.

Teaching staff must:

  • provide teaching at a high scientific and theoretical and methodological level disciplines under the relevant work programs and carry out research activities;
  • execute all items of the contract;
  • develop sets of information and methodology of the educational process;
  • to place sets of information and methodological support of educational process on web-resources departments, faculty pages and in the "electronic campus";
  • to work during the school year systematically with modules of system "electronic campus";
  • constantly improve professional skills, teaching skills and scientific qualifications;
  • introduce new educational technologies including electronic;
  • comply with pedagogical ethics, morality, respect the dignity of persons enrolled in higher education instiling a love for Ukraine, educating the spirit of Ukrainian patriotism and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine and the state symbols of Ukraine;
  • to develop people who are studying in universities autonomy, initiative and creativity;
  • systematically deaneries inform students about violations of discipline (systematic transmission classes, untimely fulfillment of individual tasks semester) and a low of current progress;
  • Compling the Laws of Ukraineand other regulations as Statute of NTU "KPI" Code of conduct NTU "KPI" Internal Regulations NTU "KPI" and other regulatory documents of NTU "KPI".

Temporary condition about educational process organization of NTU "KPI" [Text] by V.P Holovenkin (Sec .: 1-8, 10, 12), S.V. Melnichenko (Sec .: 9, 11); for the general edition. Y.I Yakimenko. - K .: NTU "KPI", 2015. - 102 p.


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