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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in the NTUU "KPI": 7.7. Semester control

The list of exams and semester control1 tests determined working curriculum specialty (specialization). Number of exams each session should not exceed three, and tests - six (not including tests from practice and physical education) and the differential tests - not more than three.

Semester tests of CM held at the end of its study, before the beginning of examinations. Tests accepted by scientific and pedagogical staff who lectures or those who carried out practical, seminars or other academic classes in the group.

Passed exposed on the results of student work per semester (student perform individual tasks and semester tests, speeches at seminars and assessments of the current monitoring) if it received at least 60 points for RSO. If a student did not receive credit for the RSO, test results assigned performance of control of the record at the last lesson or as a result of the final interview.

Semester exams are passed by students during examinations in accordance with the schedule approved by the Director of the Institute / Dean of the Faculty and communicated to the teaching staff and students no later than one month before the session.

Exams are accepted by scientific and pedagogical staff who gave lectures. In taking the exam can participate scientific and pedagogical workers who participating in the other classes in the academic group of CM.

The student is not allowed to control a particular semester CM if he had not fulfilled all kinds of works and tasks (laboratory work, computer workshops and individual semester tasks) stipulated a working curriculum for this semester CM, or is unsatisfactory both intermediate certification of CM (for students 1-4 courses);

Non-admission of the student to the semester control in a certain CM can not be the cause of his non-admission to semester control from other CM.

In conducting the semester control examiner should have such documentation:

  • CM work program;
  • Approved by the head of the department (with the number and date of the meeting protocol department) set of examination tickets, control tasks;
  • Some examination tickets (control tasks) for the issue of students;
  • Head of the Department approved list of materials, use of which student is allowed during the exam (test);
  • Head of department approved evaluation criteria the level of training of students;
  • List of ratings semester student achievement, printed and signed by scientific-pedagogical employee;
  • Statement of the success, signed by the deputy director of institute / dean of educational work.

Statement of the success the examiner gets in the dean's office the day before or the day of the semester control.

Attendance at examinations (tests) unauthorized persons without permission of the rector, vice-rector or director of the institute / dean is not allowed.

Evaluation of semester control carried out in accordance with approved criteria on a national scale, "excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "unsatisfactory" - for exams, differentiated tests, protection of course projects (works) and practices; "Passed", "not passed" - for tests. Simultaneously assessment applies a scale of ECTS («A», «B», «C», «D», «E», «Fx», «F»).

If you receive unsatisfactory mark, retake the exam (test) from credit module allowed no more than two times. In the second retake exam (test) the student can take the commission that consists of the institute director / dean. Mark from committee is final.

If the student was allowed to semester control, but did not appear without appropriate reason, it is believed that he used the first attempt to pass an examination (test) and arrears.

In cases of conflict by a reasoned request of the student or scientific or pedagogical employee director of the Institute / Dean create a commission for the acceptance of test (test), which includes the Head of Department (leading scientific and educational workers) and teachers of the relevant department, representatives of the dean, the trade union committee of students and student council.

Take the exam to improve the positive mark allowed no more than three CM (except defense of course projects / works and practices) for the entire period of study for a specific RVO. This permit allows the institute director / dean of the faculty on the application of the student in consultation with the relevant head of department and student council. The test accepts commission of two teachers.

Students who have received during the semester control no more than two unsatisfactory marks  permitted to eliminate the academic debt. The elimination of academic debt carried during the week after the session.

If there are valid reasons (illness, family circumstances etc.), Which are documented, for some of the students their  institute director / dean of the faculty in consultation with the Department of educational work of the University may establish individual schedule for exams (tests) or elimination of academic debt but not more than month from the beginning of the next semester. If this period is not sufficient for the individual schedule, the issue of providing student academic leave or re-training.

During the examination sessions can be conducted external (faculty, Rector, ministerial) control the quality of the educational process in the departments.

Results of the semester control have regularly discussed at meetings of departments, scientific councils of institutes / faculties and the Academic Council and is one of the important factors of quality management of educational process at the university.

* Read more in issues of preparation and holding of semester control and intermediate attestation of the  students set out in the Notice attestation of students and semester control (2004).

Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTU "KPI" [Text] / Comp.: V. P. Golovenkin (chapt.: 1-8,10,12), S.V. Melnechenko (chapt: 9,11); under the gen. edit. YU.I. Yakimenka.- K.: NTU "KPI", 2015.-102 p.


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