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Lihovodov Vladimir: "Today I was called in the institute “the milestone»

Кампус КПІ. Обговорення проекту площі Знань

March 16, a memorial evening the chief architect of the KPI for nearly three decades, the winner of the USSR State Prize for Architecture, winner of the Prize Council of Ministers of the USSR, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Vladimir Lihovodov was held at the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI". The evening agenda included the opening of the exhibition from the series "Famous names KPI" dedicated V.I.Lihovodov, and the presentation of his latest book "The miracles of heaven, and cranks under the heaven."

We offer the readers "KP" memories of this outstanding personality of his daughter and co-author of several books Helena Lihovodova.

A little over a year since passed away Vladimir Lihovodov. That day was a universal catastrophe not only for me personally, my mother Ludmila Maksimovna and our whole family, but, I'm sure, and for all those who knew and loved and still love him. After having met Vladimir Ivanovich, it was impossible not to be influenced by his magical personality. Wise, brightly talented, very intelligent, noble and humble at the same time, he won the hearts of his kindness, boundless love for his profession, to people and to life. All-conquering sense of humor Vladimir Lihovodov was almost legendary. Communicating with people who knew Vladimir Ivanovich, I see the pain in their eyes, but after the first few words of sympathy always hear the memories of his optimism and warm humor, his witty jokes and good attitude to all with whom he had to communicate and work.

V.I.Lihovodov was born in the city Makeyevka, in artistic and musical family of educated engineer Ivan Arkhipovich Lihovodov and Helena Ivanovna Pokhitonova. His mother was a distinguished representative of the kind of Pokhitonov, which comes from the Cossacks, and that under Catherine II was a noble rank.

One of the ancestors of Vladimir Ivanovich was the famous artist Ivan Pohitonov (1850-1923). He was highly appreciated by P.N. Tretyakov. Friends of I.P. Pohitonov were I.Yu.Repin, I.S.Turgenev and L.M. Tolstoy, who called him a "magician" in art. A native of the province of Kherson, I.P.Pokhitonov, although not received formal artistic education, became famous in France for its exquisite landscape miniatures. His delicately drawn panels decorated chambers of the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna. Having spent most of his creative life in Belgium, where he was buried near Liege Ivan Pokhitonov was acknowledged by Belgians as their national artist. In Belgium, it was created his museum, and one of the streets city Jupil bears his name.

On the other ancestor V.I. Lihovodov, the member of the society Narodnaya Volya Nicholay Danilovich Pohitonov, the prisoner of Schlusselburg fortress Vera Figner wrote in her memories. Nobleman, the captain, the son of Major-General, a member of the siege of Plevna, he was convicted for his revolutionary activities and plotting the assassination of Tsar Alexander II to the death penalty, which is replaced by the life imprisonment in Schlisselburg fortress.

There were among the ancestors of Vladimir Ivanovich - Denikin's army officers and commanders of divisions Kotovsky, diplomats, artists of opera and ballet.

Relative V.I. Lihovodov Daniel Ilyich Pokhitonov was the People's Artist of the Russia, choirmaster and conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, the head of productions of operas with Feodor Chaliapin, author of "Out of the Past Russian opera."

During the Great Patriotic War, the family V.I. Lihovodov had to fully feel the pain. Risking their life, his family hid wounded in their house. Being the boy, passing cards for Soviet prisoners of war, Vladimir Ivanovich was shot by policeman and seriously wounded in the leg. From the experience of shock the straight hair on his head began to turn in all those characteristic curls, who remember all who knew him.

After the war V.I. Lihovodov which differed from childhood by his craving for creativity, decided to become an architect. Passing the entrance exam with flying colors, he entered the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering. During the training he shown not only his talent, but he was the acknowledged leader and soul of student companies.

After graduation, Vladimir Ivanovich as an extremely promising and talented young specialist was invited to work in Moscow, but for family reasons he remained in Kiev. Here and further he developed his architectural gift.

Much of his life V.I.Lihovodov dedicated to the development of large-scale complex construction projects in the design institute KievZNIIEP. He designed the research library and Drama Theatre in city Grozny, business centers and other facilities. However, the central issues of his work was the creation of large-scale architectural ensembles of higher education institutions in Ukraine and in the neighboring countries, for example, Kishinev Polytechnic Institute. For the design and construction of the facilities of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute V.I.Lihovodov and his creative team have been awarded the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1978). For the creation of an architectural complex of buildings of Kiev Polytechnic Institute VI Lihovodov and his talented team was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in Architecture (1988).

Kiev Polytechnic Institute was the favorite child of Vladimir Ivanovich. Almost three decades of his life were linked with this institution. He faithfully served the KPI, embedding in it the architectural traditions I.S.Kitner and O.V.Kobelev. Vladimir Lihovodov gradually and systematically continued to develop and improve the architectural appearance of KPI, synthesizing its historicism and modernity, which contributed to the recognition of the KPI one of the leading and most beautiful universities in the world. The history of NTUU "KPI" is reflected in the historical annals V.I.Lihovodov, A.L. Lubomudrova and A.V. Lihovodova "KPI - from the first step to the first issue," "KPI through the years", "KPI. First Century."

Throughout his life he carried a friendship with Victor Sydorenko, vice-rector NTUU "KPI". He loved his friends, colleagues, highly appreciated their honesty and talent.

Vladimir Ivanovich was in love with symphonic music, loved classical opera, especially opera O.P.Borodin "Prince Igor". Many arias from operettas I. Kalman and Y.Shtraus he knew by heart and was happy to fulfill them with family and friends.

Later years of life V.I. Lihovodov were extremely complex, full of drama, but despite this, they were very bright. During these years, his incredible courage was especially manifested. Struggling with the deadly disease Vladimir Ivanovich at the first feeling better set off on his favorite work in the KPI, immediately plunged into a whirlpool of problems and affairs of the native institution. Even the closest associates did not know that for humor, cheerfulness and active work of Vladimir Ivanovich hid the unbearable pain.

He wanted to catch a lot more: equip the main building KPI with the monumental plaques, restore historical emblems, bring to the final stage the complex of small sports arena, and most importantly, prepare layouts chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. The help and support of colleagues - Vice President M.V.Pechenik, O. Lebedeva, O.Shelyaga, V.Bavilovsky, close associate S.Snezhkin and many others was the most valuable! And with what zeal and perseverance Vladimir worked on sketches for the church! The intensive care unit of the hospital where I was allowed to reside with him, turned into a creative workshop. After heavy everyday operating around Vladimir Ivanovich doctors were gathering, and as in Arts Council, elected together sketch that they liked most. And he, through the pain, was telling them jokes and funny stories, inspiring strength and optimism.

In the last years of his life new facets of talent Vladimir Lihovodov were discovered. He began write poetry. Poetry became his passion. Vladimir Ivanovich wrote quickly, as if someone was dictating his poetic lines. First he wrote for himself, but his style is becoming more sophisticated. He began to experiment with different genres: ballads, tales, lyrical, social, humorous stories. Poetic debut was "Altan" poetic ballad about a love that gives hope and faith in the goodness and all-conquering sense of love.

I managed to convince Vladimir Ivanovich to create illustrations for his poetry. They came out great: individual graphic manner, correct positioning in the image, the dynamism of drawing and composition ...

After the successful "Altan" Vladimir continued to work on a new collection of poetry, which also included his works for the past six years. Vladimir Ivanovich personally fulfilled for them illustrations that themselves have artistic value. This collection was called "On Miracles in heaven and cranks under the heaven". This sincere confession, the story of his relation to the people of the universe and the laws of God. In the book, a lot of light, goodness, faith and hope. The last editorial changes we have made it already in intensive care, and has not seen the published version. Poetry V.I.Lihovodov is sincere and truthful, full of deep and dramatic experiences, which, in spite of their seriousness, the author expresses in his usual humorous and sometimes ironic manner. Peering into Eternity, inexorably approaching, he never ceased to joke, and it's better than any words testified to his courage and inner strength.

VI Lihovodov is one of those exceptional people who not only leave behind a bright and deep trace in the works, but continue to live in the hearts and in the hearts of the people, warming their lives. I believe that the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene Layout V.I.Lihovodov and S.M.Snezhkin will be built, and dream that it would be a chapel of St. Vladimir. And still I hope that together we can establish a decent tombstone to Vladimir Ivanovich, the chief architect of NTUU "KPI".

... After the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the father I said awkwardly, "You know, today I was called in the institute " milestone "...

Lihovodova Elena, daughter


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