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Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Кампус КПІ. 1 корпус, весна

Dean: professor Bobyr Mykola Ivanovych
Address: Building No. 1, 238а
Telephone: 204-94-63
PD in IME: 204-94-58
e-mail: mmi[at]

The student of KPI formula

The student of KPI formula – the project of KPI’s students direct into population and development of engineering arts between students. Student formula is a social educational-engineering project, which general task is independent designed, collect and represent bolid of SAE class. This project consider the students formula-1.

[site] Conference "International scientific and technical conference"

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Hydroaeromechanics in enginireeng practice”

Conference regulations

Department of Machine Tools and Mahinery Systems (KVM), MMI

The Department of Designing of machines and machines carries out preparation of students on two specialties and three educational and qualification levels.

The First 4 years the students study according to the bachelor in the direction of "engineering".

Department of Manufacturing Engineering (ТМ MMI), MMI

As the student of Department of Manufacturing Engineering You can get the degree of:

Department of Applied Hydro-Aeromechanics and Mechatronics (PGM), MMI

Department of Applied fluid mechanics and mechatronics - is:

Department of Integrated Manufacturing Engineering (ITMMMI), MMI

Department of Integrated Manufacturing Engineering is a part of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines and Strength of Materials (DMMOM), MMI

The history of development of the department of strength of materials in KPI is concerned with the institute's history and it's founder, the great mechanic and scientist, the organizer of engineering education in our country, the first rector of KPI, prof. Victor Kirpichiow (1845-1913).



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