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Scientific and Technical Association "KPI-Telecom"

The main objectives of the KPI-TELECOM were defined as development and maintenance: campus computer and telecommunication networks and systems of the university and external communication channels; fixed and mobile communication systems; wireless systems and channels on the campus of the University; information site of the University, departments and information resources to be external presentations; protection of information resources of the University computer network.

Meeting with the NTUU "KPI-Telecom"

2016.04.27 Зустріч з керівництвом НТО “КПІ-Телеком”

Meeting of representatives of NTUU "KPI-Telecom" with the administration and the head of the student council, student council campus and trade students union of "KPI" took place on the 27th of April.

Corporate Email of NTUU «KPI»

A unified system of corporate email has been created at NTUU “KPI”, which allows all teachers / employees and departments of the university to use unified e-mail addresses, and also special conferences / seminars / projects / activities addresses of NTUU “KPI”.

Phone numbers of university services of NTUU "KPI"

Кампус КПІ. Схема розташування парковок та стоянок автотранспорту на території університету

Buildings of institutes and faculties of "KPI" and university dormitories are spread over an area of 160 hectares. It's a real city within a city. The University has its own Cultural Arts Center, a modern sports center, clinic, four sports and fitness complexes on the Dnieper, at the Black Sea and in the Carpathian Mountains. Its scientific and technical library is one of the best in the country.


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