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Хорова капела

National academic choir

Колектив КПІ, народна академічна хорова капела НТУУ "КПІ" / 2009

Director: Ruslan M. Bondar
Phone: 067-500-33-09
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday; time: 18-30 - 21-30

Vocal Studio at Academic Folk Choir "Natkhnennia”

Head: Yevheniia Baraboshyna
Phone number: 0667882814
Schedule: Tuesday, Friday
Time:14:00 – 19:00

To the 70th Anniversary of National Academic Choir

1951 р. Республіканська олімпіада художньої самодіяльності, м. Києві

 “National academic choir of KPI”. For the hundreds of former and present students of KPI these words really mean a lot: high art, funny pranks of energetic youngsters, friendship and the spring of life.

The Folk Academic Choir Concert

2017.01.12 Концерт Народної академічної хорової капели

On January 12, 2017 the Academic Folk Choir of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky gave solo Christmas concert in the premises of Lutheran Church of St. Catherine in Kiev.

Success of choral choir

Народна академічна хорова капела КПІ в Румунії

Academic Folk Choir KPI twice a year rides with a concerts abroad. This summer, the choir traveled to Romania, where took part in the IV International Festival of Choral Music by Gabriel Muzychesku that was held in Yassi.

Honoring Lydia Padalko

Лідія Падалко на Святі пісні в Тарту (Естонія), 1956 р.

May 25 was the 95' anniversary of Lidia Alexandrovna Padalko - honored Artist of Ukraine, the founder and many year leader of the People's academic chapel of KPI.

Jamala in the KPI

2008.10.06 Джамала (Сусанна Джамаладінова) з учасниками хорової капели КПІ після концерту

Each of us rejoices and proud of Jamala's victory at the competition "Eurovision". But not all of us know that this outstanding and at the same time still very young singer repeatedly acted with the National academic choral chapel of NTUU "KPI" (the artistic director - Ruslan Bondar).

Choral Choir KPI CAROLS

2016.01.8-11 Хорова капела КПІ на Всеукраїнському Різдвяному фестиваль "Велика коляда"

8-11 January Choral Choir KPI participated in XVII National Ukrainian Christmas festival "Velyka Kolyada", which was in Lviv. The team played with great success carols and songs.

Choir Festival in France

Колектив КПІ. Учасники  фестивалю з України та Гваделупи

In May Folk Academic Choir KPI participated in the international festival of choral music, which was held in a small French town Gerzat, located a few kilometers north of Clermont-Ferrand - the capital of the Auvergne region. We crossed almost the whole of Europe by bus.

Chubynsky Vladimir Dmitrievich. Polytechnic, poet, teacher

Колектив КПІ. Чубинський Володимир  Дмитрович з капелою - 1975

The song (words and melody) is written by KPI student, the participant of choir Vladimir Dmitrievich Chubynsky. It seems this is not the accident (surprisingly). To create a work that will be a symbol of something great, the person should be an implement of the same period. And Chubynsky was such a person.



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