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Department of Instrumentation - 50!

КПІ-2011. Співробітники кафедри приладобудування

Department of Instrumentation was established in February 1961. It was the first in Ukraine the department for training engineers in the specialty "Devices Precision Mechanics" (DPM), who after graduation will work in enterprises, scientific, engineering and design institutions in positions related to the design, manufacture and operation of instruments and measurement systems.

Ph.D., associate professor O.D.Trubenok was the founder and first head of the department. Together with him the cornerstones in the foundation of the future specialty were laid by Ph.D., Associate Professor I.V.Sidorko, Head. Lab. I.P.Dubinets, Senior Lecturer Yu.I.Gorkovchuk, educational master N.S.Budnyak.

The groups DPM were formed from the students of different faculties KPI who wish to master instrument-specialty. The first graduates of the Department defended their diplomas at the end of 1964.

Since 1962, the assistants N.Ya.Nastenko and G.I.Latisheva began working at the department. In the educational process there were involved specialists of the Kiev Higher Engineering Aviation Military School (KVIAVU) Ph.D., associate professors B.Ya.Silin and V.F.Lyuty (by the way, a member of the development of the Kalashnikov assault rifle). Thanks to the cooperation with enterprises of Kiev and other cities of the USSR in a short time there were equipped teaching laboratories "Details of devices," "conversion device devices", "Electromagnetic devices", "Temperature Instruments," "Gears of motion parameters."

Soon, at the Department of instruments of precision mechanics and the department of gyroscopic instruments and devices there was founded the Mechanics and Instrumentation Faculty. The Head of the Department of instruments of precision mechanics Ph.D., Associate Professor A.D. Trubenok became the first Dean of the faculty. Thanks to his efforts there were created the new departments of the Faculty - Technology of Instrumentation and Department of optical devices.

In the meantime the research sector starts to operate at the Department of DPM, there were carried out the first research and development for enterprises of Kiev. In graduate school there were taken the first graduates of the department, which have proven successful during his studies - I.H.Matyash, V.A.Petrik, P.M.Talanchuk. They joined the teaching staff of the department after a successful thesis defense.

In early 1969 the directions of training and subjects of scientific research department were mainly identified. The educational process was closely linked to the needs of enterprises and research institutes. The teaching staff is filled with new highly qualified personnel. In 1964 Ph.D., Associate Professor Yu.D.Ostrovy, 1966 - Senior Lecturer A.G. Ovanesov, in 1967 - Ph.D., Associate Professor F.Y. Zagavura and S.P. Polishko, in 1968 – the teacher V.A. Yamkovsky and assistant VS Chistyakov, in 1969 - Ph.D., Associate Professors S.T. Koval, R.M. Vdovin, S.L. Ryabykin came to work on the Faculty. The department graduates L.F.Medyany (1968.), V.I. Dubinets (1969), A.V. Gavrilova (1972), V.A. Matveev (1972), A.N. Bezvesilnaya (1972) joined the teaching staff of the department.

During this period, research activities developed rapidly in several directions.

The creative team, headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor PN Talanchuk, developed gas analyzers, sensors, secondary equipment.

The senior researcher O.D. Tokarev, Senior Scientist L.M. Chaus, Senior Lecturer A.G. Ovanesov, Senior Lecturer V.A.Yamkovy, a graduate student L.F.Medyany, junior researchers V.Dubrovsky and V.A. Kovalev, engineers S.Bibikov and N.P. Pylnik worked with the problems of measuring vibration parameters, flow, pressure, liquid level in the special conditions . This group was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor I.V.Sidorko.

Ph.D., associate professors Y.D. Ostroviy, F.J. Zagavura, R.M. Vdovin, S.P. Polishko, I.H.Matyash, V.A. Petrik, graduates V.I. Dubinets, A.V. Gavrilova worked on the problems of increasing the accuracy, reliability, durability elements aviation defense systems. A.D. Trubenok led this group.

Intense scientific activity has allowed the department to go to the next level of training. The boundaries of collaboration with other countries were expanded. The department trained engineers and researchers for Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Cuba, Yemen, China, Mongolia, Algeria.

From 1975 to 1981 the department was headed by Prof. MI Zaharin - a man of high intelligence. During this period, the volume of R & D commissioned by the ministries of defense and aviation industry grew to tens of millions of rubles. Material and technical base in the learning process was complemented by the computing equipment. The department actively collaborated with leading companies and universities in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Ramenkoe, Ulyanovsk in conducting joint research works aerospace direction. The department has replenished with new employees. It was joined by Ph.D., Senior Scientist V.A. Korolev (1975), M.V. Bobkov (1975), S.P.Sergeev (1975), O.K.Nikitin (1976); assistants K.O. Sparovalo (1975), M.D. Geraimchuk (1975), V.M. Zaitsev (1979), I.V. Korobko (1980), junior researchers M.E. Vitkup (1975), T.O.Tolochko (1981), A.S. Ganzina (1981).

Further creative promotion of the department was linked with its graduate in 1964, Professor P.M.Talanchuk, president of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, now - Rector of the University "Ukraine" (headed the department in 1982 -1988 ). Improvement of the educational process, search and establishing new ways of scientific and educational cooperation with relevant institutions of the NAS of Ukraine, leading enterprises of the USSR, international institutions were the main activities of the department at the time. Teachers of the department lecturers Y.D. Ostroviy, I.H. Matyas, M.D. Geraimchuk lectured in Algeria. Associate Professor V.I.Dubinets passed scientific training in Switzerland, and Associate Professor A.V. Gavrilova - Germany. It was founded the Research Center "SPECTRUM", the team that worked on the problems of measuring the partial pressure of gases: oxygen, hydrogen and other components space devices, development of sensors. The new employees - Ph.D., associate professors V.T.Ruschenko (1982), O.V. Andreeva (1982) L.P. Zgurovska (1983.) came to work at the department. It was created a new laboratory "Robotic dimensional control in instrument." In 1989 it was published the manual "Fundamentals of the theory and design of instrumentation" authored by P.M.Talanchuk and V.T.Ruschenko.

In 1983, P.M. Talanchuk defended his doctorate, and in 1987 was elected rector of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1992, he became the first Minister of Education of the independent Ukraine.

Since 1989 to 1991 the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor, a graduate of the department in 1964, O.K.Nikitin. The Department was joined by the new teachers - Ph.D., Associate Professor V.S.Kashpersky (1989), Assistant P.L.Litvinenko (1989.). In 1991 there were published textbooks "Sensors Testing and measuring equipment" of P.M.Talanchuk et al., "Modeling and optimization of transducers on a computer" P.M.Talanchuk and M.N.Fomin, "Details and mechanisms of robots. Basics calculation, design and production technology "V.I.Dubinets.

Since 1992 to 2001 the Departmentr was headed by Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences AN Bezvesilnaya, which put a lot of effort to create a specialized council for the defense of theses "Methods and tools for measurement of mechanical quantities." At the same time there were published textbooks "Lasers in test and measurement equipment" P.M.Talanchuk and S.P.Golubkov (1992), "Semiconductor and Solid electrolyte sensors" P.M.Talanchuk (1992), "the reference instrument and recording devices "P.M.Talanchuk and O.M.Bezvesilna (1993)," conversion device devices "P.M.Talanchuk and O.M.Bezvesilna (1994)," Measurement of mass and weight "O.M.Bezvesilna and B .S.Kashperskoy (1996), "CAD in diploma and course design" O.M.Bezvesilna and F.Ya.Zagavury (2001). In 1995 M.D.Geraimchuk defended his doctoral thesis. In the same period, the department there came to work Yu.V.Kyrychuk (1995), I.A.Grishanova (1999), S.O.Nechay (2001), G.V.Pisarets (2001).

In 2001, the department was headed by the professor, academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences M.D.Geraimchuk, who heads the department so far.

In response to the needs of today it was the opening of a new specialty - "Information technology in instrumentation." In 2002 at the department was founded and Research Center "PRISE" on the research and design flow measurement, pressure, temperature, level. It was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor I.V.Korobko.

In recent years, employees of the Department performed research works by order of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, the National Space Agency of Ukraine National Astronomical Observatory of the most pressing problems of the main science and technology. Scientific and technical cooperation with the Department of the Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to develop a measuring complex for Space Research in stratospheric ozone, conducted with the use of micro- and nano-satellites, is reflected in the monograph M.D.Geraimchuk et al., "Elements of the system and polarization devices for space Studies "(2008). The computer park, software laboratories were updated. There are used modern software packages and algorithmic high-level languages. Ph.D. L.P.Zgurovska passes her knowledge and experience in this area to undergraduate and graduate students.

In 2006, there were published manuals M.D.Geraimchuk and T.O.Tolochko "Assembly language programming", "Modeling of systems in the environment Matlab-Simulink" (2008.). The authors received the second prize at the contest NTUU"KPI" in 2009/10.

The graduates of the department S.S.Tkachenko (2007), P.K.Kuzmenko (2007), Yu.V.Korneva (2007), A.V.Sigodzinsky (2009), E.V.Gura (2009 ) joined the teaching staff of the department.

In 2004, the Faculty established nominal grant of O.D.Trubenok. It is assigned for excellent students in high school and actively participate in scientific work. Besides it was created the learning laboratory named after O.D.Trubenok.

During its existence the department has trained more than 4,000 professionals, including 200 - from other countries. There were achieved more than 70 research and business works on fundamental and applied research in the direction of "Instrument" and category "Precision automated tools and methods for measuring mechanical quantities." It was prepared 6 doctors and 23 candidates of sciences. Employees participated in 207 international, Union and national conferences and symposia, published more than 1,500 scientific papers, including 30 monographs, 26 textbooks and manuals stamped MES, received 105 patents.

Many graduates of the department have achieved high academic and artistic success. This P.M.Talanchuk, Professor, President of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Rector of the University "Ukraine", the former rector of KPI, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the last convocation; O.S.Spivakov, Ph.D., director of the State Test Center of electrical machinery and instruments, head of certification of electrical equipment; O.I.Lavrinenko, Ph.D., Head of the Department of the Institute of Thermal Physics, NAS of Ukraine; L.I.Vlasenko, Ph.D., chief engineer, deputy. General Director of holding "the Relay and automatics"; V.O.Smilyanets, chief engineer of the SPA "Electronpribor"; R.K.Mamedov, Doctor of TS, Professor, Head of the department in the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics; O.I.Dubinets, d. TN, Professor, Head of the department NTUU KPI; V.I.Sinelnikov, director of the plant "Vileika" (Belarus); O.A.Leonets, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow SRI "Rhythm"; S.N.Hvastunov, chief engineer of JSC "Sprout"; A.R.Gluschenko, CEO of SPC "photodevices", Cherkassy; V.I.Pogrebnyak, Deputy. Director of JSC "Ukrtelecom"; I.K.Iliev, Ph.D., Head. Chair of Gabrovo Higher Mechanics and Electrical Engineering Institute (Bulgaria); I.A.Ivanov, Deputy Director Watch Factory Gabrovo; I.K.Igova, chief designer of the instrument-making factory in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The activities of the department would be impossible without professional knowledge and conscience of employees teaching and support staff - Head of the Laboratory V.I.Kornienko and T.I.Shaldy, T.O.Tolochko, leading engineer V.I.Gorovoy, engineers first category O.M.Trostyanovoi, T.M.Gotenko, O.B.Uze, V.V.Sapsay; V.Yu.Ustyugov engineer; training masters D.L.Padenko and E.P.Kolomiets.

Therefore, the success of the department - a highly qualified and honest people. And the biggest achievement of the 50-year-old was the team rallied around a common goal.

V.I.Dubinets, assistant professor of Instrumentation


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