Наиболее важные проекты международных организаций, выполняемые в КПИ им. Игоря Сикорского

В КПИ им. Игоря Сикорского поддерживаются важные традиции сотрудничества с мировыми и региональными международными организациями - ООН, ПРООН, ЮНЕСКО, ЮНИДО, НАТО, УНТЦ, BSUN, CODATA, ICSU.

КПИ им. Игоря Сикорского активно участвует в международных научных, образовательных и социальных проектах.


  1. Promoting the adaptation and implementation resource efficiency and cleaner production through the establishment and operation of the Center for Cleaner Production in Ukraine
  2. Introduction of the energy management system at an enterprise (Standard ISO 50001)

Horizon 2020

  1. UKraine Replication, Awareness and INnovation based on EGNSS – UKRAINE (2015-2016)


  1. Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation – NoGAP (2013-2016)
  2. Knowledge transfer and research needs for preparing mitigation/adaptation policy portfolios – PROMITHEAS (2011-2013)
  3. Fostering regional innovation and development through anchors and networks: a cross regional comparison in an evolving international context –FRIDA (2009-2011)



    1. Establishing Modern Masters Studies in Industrial Ecology (2011-2014)
    2. EU-PC Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics (2011-2014)
    3. Reformation of the Curricula on Built Environment in the Eastern Neighbouring Area «CENEAST» (2012-2015)
    4. Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcing partnership with enterprises – IHSITOP (2012-2015)
    5. Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains – SEREIN (2013-2016)
    6. New model ot the third cycle in engineering education due to Bologna Process in BY, RU, UA – NETCENG (2013-2016)
    7. A Network for Developing Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine (2013-2016)
    8. Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative In Eastern Neighbouring Area (2013-2016)
    9. Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process (2013-2016)
    10. A Methodology for the Formation of Highly Qualified Engineers at Masters Level in the Design and Development of Advanced Industrial Informatics Systems (2013-2016)

    Erasmus Mundus

    1. Erasmus Mundus European Mobility with Neighbouring ReGion in the East: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus – EMERGE (2011-2015)
    2. East-West European Network on higher Technical education – EWENT (2012-2014)
    3. Trans-European Mobility Project on Education for Sustainable Development – TEMPO (2012-2016)
    4. EUROEAST (2012-2016)
    5. Atlantic Caucasus Technical universities Initiative for Valuable Education – ACTIVE (2013-2017)


    1. NATO SfP-Modeling Response to Catastrophes (2014-2016)


    1. Development of three study modules in water management and technology for Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan harmonised with Norway ("Water Harmony") (2011-2014)
    2. Sustainable manufacturing (2011-2014)
    3. Ukrainian-Norwegian Collaboration on Higher Education for Sustainable Energy Development (2011-2014)


    1. Thin metal films - the interaction of diffusion and structural boundaries


    1. The international system of training researchers in management of technology transfer
    2. Development of innovative environmental technology for remediation of contaminated groundwater in Ukraine
    3. Technology Transfer in the CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan

    Polska pomoc

    1. Ukrainian-Polish Centre on development of technologies for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency (2013)
    2. Support for Ukrainian-Polish center of excellence in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency (2014)