The gala concert in the IEE

This year’s spring holiday will long be remembered by students, professors, staff and guests of the Institute of Energy Conservation and Energy Management. On the eve of March, 8, a gala concert (a music project in a modern way) “Spring Tuning Fork”, which was a kind of musical gift for female institute employees and students, was held in the hall of the 22nd building

It was organized by the Gallery-club “Artistic image energy” (“AIE”) and the art song open festival “Point of View” of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and the participants were laureates and prize-winners of author song competitions Volodymyr Pushkin, Yury Dmytrenko, Olexandr Maslennikov, Yury Semenyuk and the ON-g61-2 group student Dmytro Zagorsky. The art director of the event was Volodymyr Pushkin, the Honored Worker of Culture of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who was the head of the “AIE” Gallery-сlub, poet, composer, author and performer, jury member of many music competitions.

At the beginning of the concert, our beautiful ladies and young ladies were congratulated by the Director of the Institute, Serhiy Petrovych Denisyuk with kind words and wishes of the upcoming spring holiday.

Tastefully selected song repertoire, including lyrical author and popular songs, masterful performance created a festive atmosphere, filled the listeners’ souls and hearts with warmth. The culmination was the final song of the concert — the legendary “Chervona Ruta” song, which was sung by both the participants and the audience of the concert.

The musicians sincerely thanked the Institute of Energy Conservation and Energy Management administration for the assistance in carrying out the event and to the members of the “Polytechnic” radio club for their help in setting up the acoustic equipment involved in the concert.

We believe that we will meet often at such events.

M.I.Serhiyenko, the lecturer in engineering ecology department of the IEE