Department of Technical Systems Automation and Control (AUTS), FIOT

One of the leading departments of Ukraine, whose alumni activities are related to computerization, is the Department of automation and Control in Technical Systems of Faculty of Informatics and Computing Technique of National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
The peculiarity of the training of our graduates is a profound study of the most modern high-tech fields of science and technology: Information Technology; computer, microprocessor-based electronics; systems and networks of data transfer and telecommunications; computerized control systems. Our students receive a fundamental knowledge of: programming (algorithmic languages ​​and programming; object-oriented programming; modern programming techniques; systems programming; databases; operating systems; WEB-technologies, etc.);

  • mathematics (higher mathematics, discrete mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, algorithmics, the foundations of artificial intelligence, operations research and mathematical programming, etc.);
  • telecommunications theory and means(information theory and coding, digital signal processing, basic theory of information processes, information security and computer cryptography, systems and networks for data transfer, hardware and software telecommunications networks and systems, analysis, simulation, operation, monitoring and administration of telecommunications networks and systems, etc.);
  • computer and microprocessor technique (electronics and microcircuitry, computer electronics, microprocessor-based devices, the architecture of computer systems and networks, systems of distributed and parallel computing, design and programming of microprocessor-based systems, etc.);
  • Theory and Control Systems (the theory of automatic control, system analysis of computerization objects and processes, digital control systems, optimal and adaptive systems, banking and specialized systems and networks, integrated enterprise information management systems, etc.);
  • design (modern control systems devices design technologies, reliability and diagnostics, networking technologies in technical systems control, design and modeling of computer networks and computerized control systems, etc.).
  • all this is possible within the specialty “automation and Control Systems”. “Information processes management” and “Computerized local systems and networks of information transformation and processing” specializations are available as part of this specialization.

Department of automation and Control in Technical Systems trains: Bachelors in “Computerized systems, automation and control”; experts and masters of automation and control systems, which are assigned, respectively, qualified engineer and master’s degree in computer systems.

The activities of specialists are focused on research, development and implementation of:

  • computerized control systems;
  • microprocessor-based systems and automation;
  • telecommunication systems and networks in management;
  • local computerized systems and networks.

activities of graduates in the field of informatics: organizational, management, research, technology, design and engineering.

Places of employment of graduates: research, analysis, design, research, industrial organizations and institutions of state and private forms of ownership: industry, energy sector, science and education, transport and communications, service, health care, credit and financial services, government.

Graduates work as specialists in computerized control systems, data processing and programming, data protection, development and use of microcontrollers for various purposes, as administrators of computer networks, project managers, engineers, field engineers, testers of complex electronic, computer and automated equipment, as well as engineers-researchers.

The department is equipped with modern appliances. Each student has an opportunity to work at a certain time in the labs(data transmission and telecommunications, computerized control systems and automation, electronics and microprocessor technology) and in the department’s display classes on personal computers (Pentium, Celeron), integrated into local area network, which allows him/her to study comprehensively the most modern advances in the technological industry, and work in the global computer network Internet.

After the 4th year in parallel with the main specialty students (optionally) can receive in 2 years (evening classes by the contract) qualification of manager marketer in specialty “Marketing” or bachelor interpreter.