Research Center of technical protection of information "Tezis"

Supervisor – Senior Staff Scientist M. I. Prokofiev
Address: 12 Politehnichna street, building 17 (founded in 1996).
Tel. Tel. (044) 204-86-25, 204-83-85;
e-mail: pmi [at]

RC "TEZIS" as a structural unit of NTU "KPI" works under the State Special Communication license number 572316 of AG Series from 10.11.2011 g. at the following activities:

• the development, introduction and research of efficiency, service at the information systems objects of technical protection of information (TPI), the carriers of which are the acoustic fields, advisory services;

• the development, introduction, research of efficiency, service at objects of information systems (systems) TPI, the carriers of which are electromagnetic fields and electrical signals advisory services;

• development, production, introduction, research of efficiency, accompaniment of TPI facilities and complexes in the information systems, information technologies with the information protection from unauthorized access, consulting services;

• detection and blocking of loss of vocal and specific information by setting devices at objects of information activity, consulting services.

In the RC "TEZIS" the Testing Laboratory is functioning. The Testing laboratory is authorized to conduct testing of the following equipment in the field of technical information security:

• Shielded facilities, safety deposit boxes and their components;
• The automatic data processing equipment(computers, protected personal computers , servers, display equipment, etc.);
• Digital programmable printing devices, copying equipment;
• Electric equipment (means of active computer equipment protection from the information leakage via technical channels, methods of active and passive protection of speech information from leaking via technical channels; network filters, fire and security alarm devices, distribution transformers, etc.);
• Switching and interсonnecting components of programmable automatic telephone stations and the installation-producting exchanges;
• Radiodetectors (detection hardware of active sources of electromagnetic radiation).