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Department of Audio Engineering and Data Recording (ZTRI), FEL

Department of Audio Engineering and Registration of Information (ZTRI, AE&RI) is the successor of the film department of Kyiv Institute of Cinematography established in 1930 (in 1935 it was renamed into Kyiv Institute of motion-picture engineers / KIMPE /). In 1954 KIMPE became a part of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and in 1957 on the basis of AE&RI the electroacoustic faculty was created. On 1996 Electroacoustic Faculty and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering joined together and Faculty of Electronics (FEL) was created. Now, ZTRI is part of the Faculty of Electronics.

The department trains specialists in the field of “Telecommunications” and “Electroacoustics”. The department provides bachelors, as well as masters of technology and masters of science in "Telecommunication systems and networks", "Audio, video and Film Engineering".

Seven professors, six associate professors, four senior lecturers and thirteen assistants are working at the Department of Audio Engineering and Registration of Information. Teachers and scholars of ZTRI maintain close contacts with colleagues from Germany, Poland, the United States, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Ukrainian branch of Audio Engineering Society - AES was created due to AE&RI scholar’s activity.


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